Anthony Bowens has risen to stardom as one half of The Acclaimed in AEW. The fun-loving duo has been doing a great job of getting the crowd fired up with their unique entrance. There are some reactions from AEW fans that Bowens would like to leave in the past.

Bowens said being an LGBTQ athlete means a lot to him because it allows him to be a positive influence on people who might be struggling. At a show back in December, a fan yelled homophobic slur at Bowens. A similar incident occurred with Nyla Rose. Anthony said there’s no place for that when the company is trying to build an inclusive environment.

Bowens spoke with the Under the Ring podcast about his experiences. The AEW star said he doesn’t want to see the negative energy anymore, even though it has been rare. Anthony Bowens said that if you plan to act like that, you should just stay home.

“In terms of the public, just don’t be a crap human being, treat people with respect. We had an incident a few months ago where somebody yelled something from the crowd. Which I have never really experienced too much, or heard too much. Probably because either I am focused on the match, or it just doesn’t really happen a lot.


Just don’t bring that energy and that crap to the arena. I get it in terms of you wanting to yell at the bad guy and such, but leave homophobia, transphobia, or racist stuff, take that crap, and leave it someplace else. If that’s what you’re going to bring to the arena, don’t even show up.”

AEW has been criticized heavily in the past for not being inclusive. Tony Khan believes the company has gone out of its way to promote a positive environment. There will always be a few fans who cross the line, but Anthony Bowens doesn’t think there is any place for that kind of behavior in wrestling.

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