The latest episode of AEW Dynamite concluded with a shocking turn of events as Tony Khan found himself at the receiving end of a brutal assault.

The Young Bucks along with Jack Perry, orchestrated the attack. What began as a seemingly friendly embrace turned sour when Perry unexpectedly struck Khan with a microphone to the stomach.

In a display of solidarity, the Bucks followed up with a devastating TK Driver while being cheered on by Kazuchika. As the Elite exited the ring, leaving Khan incapacitated, he was promptly tended to by fellow talent, officials, and his father, Shad Khan, who rushed to his aid.

The repercussions of this assault were felt beyond the wrestling ring. At the NFL Draft the following day, Khan was seen sporting a neck brace in the war room, a visible reminder of the vicious attack he endured. The incident even made its way onto the NFL Network, further highlighting the gravity of the situation.


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Steve Carrier

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