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Tonight’s SmackDown is set to feature Riddle one on one against Jey Uso as Riddle looks to follow up on hist victory against Jimmy Uso from last week’s SmackDown.

SmackDown tonight will also see Sami Zayn take on Drew McIntyre in a lumberjack match and Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey signing the contract for their upcoming “I Quit” match.


It should be interesting to see how things play out on tonight’s show.

SmackDown begins with WWE official Adam Pearce in the ring for the contract signing between Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair. Pearce welcoms the crowd to SmackDown and introduces SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair.

After a video package recapping Charlotte’ actions from last week, Ronda Rousey then makes her entrance and gets in the ring. Drew Gulak runs out to the ring with the contract in hand and hands it to Pearce as Gulak says he prepared a special powerpoint presentation for the match, Charlotte berates Gulak on the mic and Rousey calls Charlotte out on it as the crowd begins to chant “you tapped out” to Charlotte. Charlotte goes over various ways she could force Rousey to say I quit in their upcoming match, but however it ends, she always finds a way to win, and Charlotte signs the contract.

Rousey says that no ref is going to pull her off Charlotte and nobody is going to be there to save Charlotte. Charlotte immediately flips over the table and attacks Rousey with a kendo stick planted under the table. Rousey eventually takes away the kendo stick and begins to attack Charlotte with it before Gulak pulls the kendo stick away. Rousey slams Gulak to the mat and locks Gulak in an armbar and signs the contract with Gulak in the armbar submission hold.

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Xavier Woods vs Butch

The match begins with Woods getting a quick roll up for a two count. Woods hits a chop and hits a running knee to Butch and follows up with a lariat. Butch hits a strong right hand and follows by a knee drop to Woods’ arm. Butch stomps on Woods’ elbow on the mat and goes for a back suplex that Woods rolls out of but Butch hits with a back elbow and throws Woods face-first to the turnbuckle. Butch charges to Woods but Woods throws him over the top rope and Woods and Kofi Kingston stare down and taunt Sheamus and Ridge Holland when Butch dives off the stairs to take out Woods.

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The match continues live with Butch stomping Woods on the mat right in the ribs. Woods fights free of an arm submission with a strong right hand and hits a leg sweep and follows with a senton. Woods lifts Butch up but Butch escapes by clawing at Woods’ ear. Woods hits a DDT and turns it into a pin combination roll up for the three count.

Winner: Xavier Woods

After the match, Butch attacks a security guard and tosses him over the barricade and Butch exits through the crowd as Sheamus and Holland look on with stunned expressions on their faces.

Backstage Ricochet is talking with Aliyah when they are interrupted by Jinder Mahal and Shanky. Ricochet says he’s a fighting champion and will take on anyone at anytime. Shanky challenges Ricochet to a match and Ricochet accepts as Mahal looks very upset that Shanky has a match and not himself.

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Gunther vs Teddy Goodz

The match begins and Gunther slams Goodz to the mat and locks in an armbar. Gunther hits a big boot and hits a hard chop in the corner. Gunther hits a vertical suplex and follows with another chop. Gunther hits a body slam and hits a chop to the back. Gunther locks in a sleeper hold and transitions into a power bomb and Gunther covers for three.

Winner: Gunther

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Riddle vs Jey Uso

The match begins with Riddle hitting a take down and going for a choke hold but Jey makes it to the ropes to force the break. Jey hits a shoulder tackle and then a big uppercut. Riddle hits a gutwrench suplex. Riddle goes for a big kick but Jey rolls outside the ring. Riddle goes for a dive but Jey counters with an uppercut. Jey throws Riddle into the steel stairs and suplexes Riddle onto the announce table.

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The match continues live with Jey having Riddle in a chin lock. Riddle powers to hits feet but Jey manages to hit an enziguri. Riddle hits a series of forearm strikes and follows with a big boot. Riddle hits a running forearm and follows with a belly to belly throw. Jey rolls out of the way of a senton that causes Riddle to crash don on the mat. Riddle hits a knee strike and goes up top to hit the floating bro and cover for a two count. Jey gets a qucik roll up for a two count and Riddle catches Jey in the ropes to hit the Orton-style DDT from the middle rope.

Jimmy Uso causes a distraction but Randy Orton slams jimmy on the announce table. Riddle goes for an RKO but Jey escapes and hits a neck-breaker and covers Riddle for a two count. Riddle hits a running knee and Jey responds with a super kick. Jey goes up top and goes for a splash but Riddle counters with the knees and rolls Jey up for the three count.

Winner: Riddle

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Back live with WWE Women’s tag team champions Sasha banks and Naomi in the ring being interviewed by Kayla Braxton. Naomi says they are just getting started and Banks says that Naomi has had her back since day one. Banks and Naomi are interrupted by Natalya and Shayna Baszler making their way out to the ring. Natalya says Banks seems to be forgetting about the team they didn’t beat at WrestleMania. Baszler shoves Banks to the ground and Naomi holds Banks back and Naomi calls out Baszler to try and take the titles from them.

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Madcap Moss vs Angel

The match begins with a lock up and Moss backing Angel to the corner. Angel hits a cheap shot as the ref separates the two from the corner. Moss hits a big shoulder tackle and throws Angel up over the top rope. Humberto grabs Moss’ leg as he rolls back in the ring allowing Angel to gain the momentum with a kick. Moss catches Angel in mid air and hits a fall away slam. Moss hits a corner spear and follows with a shoulder tackle. Moss hits the punchline and covers for the three count.

Winner: Madcap Moss

After the bell Happy Corbin runs in the ring to attack Moss from behind. Corbin hits Moss with the end of days and Corbin rolls out of the ring and steals the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal trophy.

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Back live with Sami Zayn entering Roman Reigns’ locker room. Zayn tells Reigns that he overheard Drew McIntyre insulting Reigns’ entire family with Orton and Riddle. Zayn makes a proposal to Reigns and asks for help in his lumberjack match tonight against McIntyre. Reigns does not respond and Zayn leaves the locker room. Reigns tells the Usos that people on his show need to keep his family’s name out of their mouth and to show him respect.

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Lumberjack Match

Sami Zayn vs Drew McIntyre

Before our main event lumberjack match officially begins, The Usos make their way down to the ring. The bell rings and Zayn immediately rolls outside the ring again, but this time is thrown back in by the lumberjacks. McIntyre throws Zayn to the corner and follows with a chop. Zayn pulls the rope down to send McIntyre over the top rope and McIntyre is beaten down by the heel lumber jacks outside the ring.

*Commercial break*

Back live with Sheamus and the other heel lumberjacks beating down McIntyre and throwing him back in the ring. McIntyre hits Zayn with the Glasgow kiss and hits a belly to belly throw. McIntyre hits a neck-breaker and goes for the Claymore but Zayn rolls outside the ring. Riddle goes to grab Zayn but The Usos hit with a superkick as all the lumberjacks get into a huge brawl outside the ring. Zayn tries to take advantage of the chaos and escape but McIntyre grabs him and pulls him back to the ring. Jinder Mahal beats down his former band mate and throws him back into the ring. Zayn rolls outside and McIntyre hits a dove over the top rope to take down several lumberjacks. Zayn leaves through the crowd for the third week in a row despite it being a lumberjack match. Adam Pearce comes out to announce McIntyre and Zayn will wrestle again next week, this time in a steel cage.

The bell never rings on our main event, with Zayn essentially losing via countout for the third straight week. Jinder Mahal and Shanky team up to attack McIntyre in the ring. McIntyre fights free and hits Mahal with a Claymore.

SmackDown ends without the main event match technically ending as Drew McIntyre stands tall in the ring staring down Sami Zayn.

That’s it for this week’s SmackDown. Let us know what you thought and we’ll see you back here next Friday for more SmackDown coverage. Until then, stay safe!

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