Vince McMahon has his own way of booking things. As any fan of WWE will come to find out, Mr. McMahon books most, if not all, tag teams with the intention of breaking them up and letting them have at it out as former partners. This doesn’t set well with everything, especially fans of tag team wrestling.

Matt Hardy is a proper veteran in the pro wrestling world as he is aware of the various changes the industry has seen over the years. Hardy has worked in WWE for a long time and knows how it has changed. He also accused Vince McMahon of thinking tag teams are disposable.

Fans are aware of the fact that Vince McMahon does not see much importance in tag team wrestling. Matt and Jeff Hardy, who worked in WWE for several years, faced this firsthand.

While speaking on The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast, Matt Hardy talked about Vince McMahon’s mindset regarding tag team wrestling. He accused McMahon of thinking tag teams are disposable.

“I just really think Vince McMahon never saw Tag Teams like a main event draw. He just thinks tag teams are disposable. He knew we were killing it with the merchandise and the royalties we were making were out of this world. But I still think he kind of felt like we were all Teflon and it didn’t hurt us to get beat. I feel like to maintain credibility, you do need to pick up wins, especially in key situations. But just tag team wrestling has never been Vince’s thing.”

Vince McMahon will forever do what he wants to do and no one else will change his mind. This is unlikely to change anytime soon by the looks of it.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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