Eric Bischoff and AEW President Tony Khan do not have the best of relationships if the past is to be taken into account. Eric Bischoff had a back and forth with Tony Khan last year as well. Bischoff also reacted to Khan’s recent claims.

Tony Khan recently caused a huge topic of discussion by claiming that all the online AEW haters are paid trolls. He essentially implied that this was orchestrated by WWE.

Tony Khan was mocked by fans and pro wrestlers alike for his claim, as many believed he was simply crazy. While speaking to Bodyslam, Eric Bischoff talked about Tony Khan’s claims. Bischoff made it clear that he was simply embarrassed for Khan.

“Man, I’m embarrassed; that’s the best way to say it; I’m embarrassed for Tony. I have no idea if what he said was true or not true. Who knows, he has enough money to figure that thing out. Let’s assume he’s right; let’s give him the benefit of the doubt. But don’t sell it. Don’t go and whine about it because guess what happens next. Once you sell it, people who otherwise wouldn’t jump on and take a swing at you are going to jump and take a swing at you because you are simply selling and reacting to it.”


Tony Khan’s ‘independent study’ of bots targeting AEW is also an ongoing thing by the looks of it. The legitimacy of Tony Khan’s claims is not known and at this point, no one cares anymore.

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