Tony Khan is not slowing down when it comes to putting over AEW and everything they’ve done. Natural comparisons are coming between Khan and Ted Turner, and TK had something to say about that.

There has been some animosity bubbling between WWE and AEW for a while now. Last week, AEW Owner and President, Tony Khan took to Twitter to share his thoughts on WWE Smackdown extending their show to compete with AEW. Khan also made come critical comments about Ted Turner.

I’ve never met Ted Turner. It’s very possible Ted Turner is smarter than me, but he didn’t know 1% of what I know about professional wrestling or WCW would still be on TNT/TBS.

Khan also expressed excitement about expecting to beat WWE’s main show. Former WCW President Eric Bischoff, however, seems to disagree. Bischoff was not only critical of Khan’s predictions, but also expressed displeasure about his tweets.


There’s a lot of things I like about AEW but some of Tony Khan’s comments this week are not doing him any favors let’s put it that way.

Bischoff also criticised Khan’s tweet about Turner, calling it a “completely uninformed, therefore ignorant comment to make.” Bischoff also seems to have grown tired of hearing Khan brag about AEW being better than WCW, when he believes that there is no proof indicating the same. Check out Khan’s tweets below.

During 83 Weeks, Eric Bischoff opened up on the matter in a big way.

“That is a completely uninformed, therefore ignorant comment to make. Ignorant because I don’t think Tony knows whether or not Ted Turner grew up a wrestling fan or not, I don’t either by the way. If you know anything at all about Ted Turner, if you’ve read anything that’s been written in Teds own words, Ted believed in wrestling above all else other than perhaps the Braves. Professional wrestling is one of the reasons that TBS got off the ground because Ted Turner knew that professional wrestling was a staple of the audience that he was trying to generate and knew it would bring eyeballs. The fact that Tony Khan is even on TNT, which at least when I was there stood for Turner Network Television, and then to come out and compare himself to Ted Turner and suggest if Ted knew anything at all about professional wrestling on the level that Tony Khan does, that WCW would still be around?

“That was an ignorant statement. Further has got me questioning what Tony really knows. Read the book, The Rise and Fall of Nitro by Guy Evans, Tony. If you’re going to come out and compare yourself to Ted Turner, which is laughable, and say things like that, read the book you’ll not embarrass yourself quite as badly. I thought that statement really made Tony look childish, uninformed. I know he’s a brilliant guy and I like Tony, he’s doing a lot of things right but when he comes out publicly and says these stupid things he’s coming off like a dirt sheet writer. That might serve your internet wrestling audience but it’s not doing a damn thing for your ratings.”

We will have to see how things turn out in this situation. AEW’s many fans certainly have no interest in watching the company turn into what happened to WCW.

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