Cody Rhodes’ departure from WWE created a buzz. His return to WWE created a buzz. Cody is a trend setter and there’s no denying that. The American Nightmare wrestled his first WWE match in six years when took on Seth “Freaking” Rollins this part Saturday at WrestleMania 38.

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Cody took part in the post-Mania media scrum. He admitted that he wasn’t mature enough to take on a management job in wrestling. For context, Cody held the post of Executive Vice President in Tony Khan’s All Elite Wrestling in addition to his on-screen role.

“Never say never, just in general because in just six years we’re having this conversation and I’ve completely gone back on what I’ve said. I don’t think I want a management job in wrestling ever again. I don’t think I was mature enough for it. I tried.


“Eddie (Kingston) and Rick (Starks), you mentioned them both, all I did was put them out there. Seth did the same thing for me. He put me out there. Tony Khan was the one who said ‘Yes!’ I had said, ‘We don’t have to hire everybody from the open challenge’ and we basically did.”

Cody opened the RAW after Mania with a passionate promo. He made it clear that he is here to win WWE’s top title, an accolade that eluded his father Dusty Rhodes throughout his pro wrestling career. That being said, Cody has the WWWF Championship belt from 1977.

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