Bron Breakker defeated Dolph Ziggler on last night’s WWE Raw to become the new NXT Champion. The title changed confused a lot of fans, as Ziggler had beaten Breakker at NXT: Stand & Deliver on Saturday. A promo that aired on Raw after the title change further clouded the waters.

WWE showed a commercial for this week’s NXT that promoted the fact that Dolph Ziggler had defeated Bron Breakker at NXT: Stand & Deliver for the championship. The promo aired on the night that Breakker won the title at Raw. Bryan Alvarez and Dave Meltzer discussed how WWE might not have had plans for the title change on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio. Alvarez was apoplectic as he talked about how NXT aired commercial two segments after Breakker’s title win where they promoted Ziggler as champion.

“I could not help but notice that they did this match. They had a new champion afterwards. And then, about a half hour later, they showed a commercial for NXT, which was all about how Dolph Ziggler had beaten Bron Breakker to retain the title this weekend… It’s also weird because they said “Tonight.” During the commercial, they said, tonight at 9, NXT, it’s not tonight, it’s tomorrow!”

Meltzer said he didn’t know if the original plan was for Ziggler to remain the champion after Monday night. Both men noted that they had heard of the change at 11 AM, but they did not specify if that’s when the decision was made. With no further knowledge other than what WWE has shown on TV, it appears that there was no plan for the title change to take place on Monday Night Raw. Either that or they greenlit a commercial that made no sense.


It was pointed out that many more people were watching Raw than NXT on Saturday afternoon. There was not a whole lot of buzz around the event. WWE could have decided to do the title change with more eyes on the matchup.

Regardless of the production gaffe, WWE has big plans for Bron Breakker. The son of WWE Hall of Famer Rick Steiner has had a rocket strapped to his back since debuting in NXT 2.0. We will find out what WWE has in store for him tonight when NXT airs at 8 PM on USA.

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