Randy Orton’s contributions to WWE cannot be understated as he has been one of the mainstays of the company for almost twenty years now. Orton is now a proper veteran and locker room leader in the company. Orton also expressed his frustrations with NXT wrestlers.

Randy Orton is truly a student of the game and believes in old-school fundamentals. This includes in-ring psychology, properly selling moves of opponents and more.

While speaking with Pat McAfee on The Pat McAfee Show, Randy Orton stated that he believes that the “art of selling” in pro wrestling is dying. Orton then made it clear he is frustrated at NXT talent not properly protecting their opponents.

“There’s an art to what we do, and a lot of guys have lost that art. Now instead of selling a punch, because you need to sell a punch, now I’m protecting myself because I don’t want to get my f*cking jaw broken.


That’s unfortunate, but the art to professional wrestling, like when Vince was on he talked about your number one priority above all being protecting your opponent, that’s not taught necessarily in NXT, and I know that because I’ve been in the ring with guys that came from NXT and they don’t know what the f*ck they’re doing. It’s unfortunate but I think that is just kind of how things are changing.”

Stiff workers and not properly selling moves have become commonplace in the current pro wrestling world. It is likely many fans would agree with what Randy Orton said as well.

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