AEW is going to make its West Coast debut with two massive events in Southern California. On the week following the Double or Nothing pay-per-view, Tony Khan’s firm will hold two events in the Los Angeles area. The Los Angeles Forum will host Dynamite.

Dave Meltzer from Wrestling Observer Radio recently shed light on the extra number of tickets being sold by the company. Normally, for a company like WWE, they would max out at about 12,500 people. According to him, AEW are trying to get 14,000 people into the building.

It’s basically sold out and what they’ve done looks like they’re going to cut back on the stage because they are going further back in the building. They’re opening up tickets in places that even normally they would never open up. You know because normally I mean, the way that they would set up and the way WWE would set up for TV would max out at about 12,500 but they’re looking to trying to get over 14,000 in the building and they will. You know one of these tickets they have opened up are gonna be sold, and they will be sold. There’s scattered singles and you know, some platinum seats that are priced really really high but essentially for all regular tickets, they are gone. For both shows, they are almost gone.

There are currently scattered singles and platinum seats available for sale. Those tickets are also very expensive compared to the previous ones. That week, the AEW Rampage will take place at Toyota Arena in Ontario, which is home to The Young Bucks.


The Forum is notorious for having a difficult time attracting a wrestling crowd. Despite the historic arena’s lengthy history of events, most big promoters have struggled to sell tickets since the 1960s. We’ll have to see how many fans turn up for the upcoming two massive events.

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