Paige hasn’t wrestled since she had a tag team match against Sasha Banks in 2017. She had to take untimely retirement from wrestling that year due to an neck injury. Being absent from WWE for so long she often gets questioned by fans about her relevancy. She addressed another allegations of being too “lazy” to make a return.

There’s is widespread talk among a part of wrestling community where people are calling out Paige for being lazy when the likes of Edge and Daniel Bryan were able to make in-ring return despite taking retirement due to an injury. What they don’t understand is that their situations are all very different.

Paige cited Edge and Bryan as her inspirations and wrote a tweet to shut down haters. She also explained she is still recovering and pointed out that every individual takes different amount of time in their healing process.

It’s wild that some people are like “well edge and Bryan came back you are just lazy” I’m inspired by them. I’m not lazy. My neck needs to recover. We are all built different. Sorry fam.


Paige’s WWE contract still has bit of time left on it. She has also made it pretty clear that she isn’t leaving wrestling and has teased her in-ring return several times. She currently enjoys her in-ring retirement by streaming on Twitch. With that being said, fans remain hopeful for her return.

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Bhupen Dange

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