Vince McMahon will induct The Undertaker into the WWE Hall of Fame during WrestleMania 38 weekend in Dallas. The Texas native is sure to get a huge welcome from the fans in the Lone Star State. Taker and Vince have been through a lot together, and the WWE Universe can’t wait to hear what the two will have to say.

The Undertaker’s induction into the Hall of Fame has been a huge part of the promotion for WrestleMania 38. Very few have had more legendary careers in WWE. The induction is a no-brainer now that The Undertaker has wrapped up his in-ring career.

The Dallas Morning News recently interviewed The Undertaker to promote WrestleMania. Taker was asked plenty of questions about how he feels going into the Hall of Fame. The most worrying thing is the lingering thought that Vince McMahon might try to prank him.

“I’m a little bit nervous. There’s no one that Vince loves to play practical jokes on more than me. And the fact that the Hall of Fame is on April Fool’s Day… Who knows what’s going to happen?


I do know it’s going to be emotional and I’m not sure to what lengths he will go to not to completely fall apart and be emotional. We’ve almost had radio silence here for the last few weeks after I asked him to induct me. So, I have no idea what to even begin to expect from him.”

There are sure to be jokes and more than few emotional words at this year’s WWE Hall of Fame ceremony. The Undertaker will take his place among the company’s most iconic characters. The honor couldn’t have gone to a more deserving superstar.

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Michael Perry

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