WWE announced this morning that it was terminating its broadcast partnership with Russian broadcaster Match. The company also shut down the WWE Network in Russia effective immediately. The move came in response to Vladimir Putin’s unprovoked invasion of neighboring Ukraine.

Companies and governments around the world have joined forces to try and cripple Russia’s economy and curtail Putin’s ability to make war. Apple has ceased all sales in the country. Severe sanctions have made it extremely difficult for Putin and his oligarchs to access money.

WWE fans have their own opinions on the matter. Many have lauded WWE for pulling their product from the country. Others have pointed out what they believe is major hypocrisy by the company since they continue to do huge business with Saudi Arabia. Social media was abuzz in the wake of the announcement.

“The WWE Network has gone dark in Russia. Time to pack it in, Putin. It’s over.”


“The WWE might have terminated the Russia deal because they can’t get paid due to banking and other sanctions blocking the cash. It’s a fair bet that this is not any kind of moral stand. Note, no statement at all about why.”

“It’s nice to see where the line is with WWE. Saudi Arabia murdering journalists and generally being a human rights nightmare? Okay, if they give us enough money. Russia invading a foreign country without giving us a lot of money? Nope. Sorry, Vladimir.”

“WWE cutting ties with Russia but not with Saudi Arabia speaks not only volumes of their hypocrisy… but also on how badly Putin has bungled the PR war of the Ukraine invasion…”

The WWE Universe is understandably skeptical about the motivations and the perceived double standard being employed. The opinions are as varied as any online wrestling discussion. One thing is for sure: WWE is no longer open for business under the rule of Vladimir Putin.

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