WWE held their quarterly earnings call on Thursday afternoon. The numbers were astonishing. Vince McMahon and WWE President Nick Khan boasted over $1 billion in gross revenues for 2021. The company is making money hand over first and once again reported record profits.

Vince McMahon’s company associating with Saudi Arabia has been dragged in relentless fashion, even earning them a featured spot on John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight.

One thing Khan never specifically mentioned was WWE’s deal with the government of Saudi Arabia. A simple look at the charts shown during the presentation shows that every time there is an event in the country, revenues skyrocket. Nick Khan chose to refer to the Saudi shows as “large-scale international events.”

One would think Khan was discussing nuclear war, but it’s simply a way to not offend investors by associating the company with a very controversial regime. To WWE, it just means more revenue. Without completely tipping his hand, Nick Khan responded to a question on why WWE limits these “large-scale international events” to just two per year.


“We’ll see what happens in the next months.”

It sounds like WWE knows what is profitable and is willing to explore any option. Khan noted that no company was off the table when it came to finding buyers for WWE content. The WWE president believes revenues will continue to grow as more rights deals are negotiated.

Time will tell if WWE plans to do even more events in Saudi Arabia. A huge portion of the fan base is turned off by the idea. Based on the figures Nick Khan read on the WWE earnings call, they’re still tuning in regardless.

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