Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin took on Omos on last night’s WWE Raw in a handicap match. Omos got the easy victory in about one minute. The curious part of the match was the fact that Cedric and Shelton were introduced as The Hurt Business.

The tag team had previously been kicked out of the group. Eventually, Bobby Lashley and MVP moved on from using the moniker. Last night Alexander and Benjamin were once again mysteriously using the name. They even tried to recruit Omos before their match in WWE digital exclusive.

The WWE Universe was understandably confused by this. Dave Meltzer discussed the situation on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio. He was just as confused as the fans.

“They came out, and they were called The Hurt Business. I swear they were kicked out of The Hurt Business. They wanted to rejoin The Hurt Business, they were told no, and now they’re The Hurt Business.


All of the sudden, they come out, and their tag team name is The Hurt Business and Bobby Lashley and MVP are no longer the Hurt Business, even though Bobby Lashley does the Hurt Lock.”

We will have to see if WWE offers some sort of explanation for why Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin are being called The Hurt Business. The group was gaining traction with fans before the entire thing came to an abrupt halt. WWE will have to come up with a reason for the confusing switch.

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Michael Perry

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