Sonya Deville is on her way to Saudi Arabia, where she will participate in WWE’s Elimination Chamber premium live event. Sonya recently made splash at a GLAAD event that went down in Los Angeles in conjunction with Super Bowl week. Deville has been an outspoken activist for LGBT+ causes and identifies as such herself.

In Saudi Arabia, homosexuality is punishable by death. According to the US Department of State, consensual same-sex sexual conduct can be met with consequences including the death penalty or flogging. That depends on how “serious” the government believes the offense was.

Deville is hoping to use her platform to advance the cause of equality. Dave Meltzer discussed the situation on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio. To him, it’s a very tough situation to put a performer in.

“Sonya Deville’s going to Saudi Arabia. She goes from the GLAAD meeting to go to a country where, you know, such a thing, being gay, is not only illegal, but you can be killed for it. I mean, I’m not exaggerating. You can. Believe me, I’m not blaming her, it’s her job.


There’s people there like John Cena and even Kevin Owens, Bryan Danielson, who can go and say, ‘Look, I’m not going,’ and they’re going to be fine with it. I don’t know that Sonya Deville fits in that category. It’s not weird to me, because it’s wrestling and everything, but if you think about it in real life, the whole thing is so weird.

WWE is trying to talk about how they’re changing the world and everything, because they’re going to have women’s matches. That’s a big, big thing. They had everyone tweet about it and everything like that. They had their little catch phrase that they told everyone to tweet.”

WWE contends that they’re working with the country to help modernize their social views. Critics believe it’s just a money grab, as it has been reported that every Saudi Show brings in more money than WrestleMania. Sonya Deville is trying to make the best of a very controversial situation.

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