Ryback is a man of huge opinions and even larger body mass. The powerhouse enjoyed a nice run with WWE and has since moved on to selling nutritional supplements. The Big Guy also runs a nightly online show where he interacts with his fans.

The Big Guy is hoping to make a return to the wrestling world soon. Ryback recently stated that he is recovering from COVID on this week’s “The Ryback Show.”

I’ve had COVID. It was about 10 days. I feel fine. I was able to train today and workout. I feel very good. I can tell it’s probably going to be a couple more days.

He awoke today feeling substantially better than the day before. Although it has been quite minor, he has developed a cough and shortness of breath. He said that it started around day 5 or 6.


Peppermint tea, he discovered, was extremely beneficial to his lungs. He began drinking it two days ago, and the lung component is no longer a concern. He was able to get in some cardiovascular exercise which was great.

With this, he took ten-day break to rest his body. Even while the shortness of breath wasn’t terrible or anything, it was evident enough that he could feel it when going up and down the stairs. He had completely lost his appetite.

He was still eating, but not as much as before. He lost 8-10 pounds, which he will regain during his first week of training and eating his regular meals. We wish a speedy recovery.

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