Charlie Haas has been working on professional wrestling comeback. The former WWE superstar made his return to TV on a recent episode of Impact. Haas suffered concussion during the show. There were reports in the aftermath that suggested Charlie had passed away due to the injury.

Charlie Haas is alive and well. Haas did have to deal with his loved ones reading the news. It left him with a sick feeling.

Wrestling Inc. Daily recently spoke to Charlie Haas about the incident. Charlie said it was good for t-shirt sales. It was also surreal to read reports of his death.

“Someone reported that I died, so that helped the Charlie Haas is not dead t-shirt sales. That was unfortunate because the story about that it was like, ‘Charlie Haas fatally killed,’ and, my mom saw that, my ex-wife saw that, my kids saw it, people like Shelton. They were trying to get ahold of me, I didn’t die.


It was unfortunate, but I am good, I am here. It is weird. I felt bad, it was harder on my family when they read that and they couldn’t get ahold of me. Especially after my brother dying, that’s something, my mom doesn’t want another son dead. It was unfortunate, but I am here, man, which is good.”

Charlie Haas says he is feeling good and looking forward to returning to the ring. Haas is in fantastic shape and ready to impress. We’re looking forward to seeing Charlie do his thing as soon as he’s able!

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