WWE was supposed to kick off the annual women’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic on last night’s episode of NXT. The tournament did not begin as scheduled. Many fans were wondering what happened to the tournament.

On today’s Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez discussed the reason for the delay. The tournament has not been canceled. WWE is simply unable to start it because they don’t have enough teams.

“Here’s the deal, everybody. There actually is some news coming out of NXT, which is, what’s the word? It is a microcosm of the entire company here. So, I don’t know if you guys are aware of this or not, but you know what was supposed to start yesterday? What didn’t start yesterday was the women’s Dusty [Rhodes Tag Team Classic].

They don’t have any teams, OK? Do you know what was on Saturday, everybody? Do you know what aired on Saturday? The Royal Rumble. Do you know what happened leading up to the Royal Rumble? They didn’t have any women! So, what we have here, is systemic incompetence.


Oh, let’s fire 87 wrestlers and then be confused or flabbergasted or stuck. We don’t have enough wrestlers for a women’s Royal Rumble or a women’s Dusty. So, the women’s Dusty has not been dropped. I can tell you that because they’re shooting angles for it… There will be a women’s Dusty when they can come up with enough women. Because you know what’s funny? When you fire people and then call them and go, ‘Can you please come back, we need you!’ they tell you to F off. They tell you to crawl up my hole. That’s what they do. And then, they’re like, ‘God, we don’t have enough women. Must be the fans fault.’”

The same issue occurred for the main roster with the women’s Royal Rumble. WWE has made massive roster cuts, including several women. Perhaps the powers that be will consider the company’s staffing needs before scheduling another event that they don’t have enough bodies for.

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Michael Perry

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