Jeff Hardy has been getting tons of buzz among wrestling fans. The Charismatic Enigma recently walked away from WWE to forge his own path. WWE released Hardy shortly after the incident. News broke that Jeff would be reuniting with his brother Matt Hardy for several independent dates. The rumors about The Hardys reuniting in AEW quickly spread.

Hardy is subject to the standard WWE 90 day non-compete clause that all other released wrestlers must wait out. That means he won’t officially be a free agent until March. Many assumed that Tony Khan had already kickstarted discussions with Jeff.

It turns out that Khan tends to do negotiations above the board. Tony is known to wait until wrestlers are fully free agents before he approaches them. Dave Meltzer discussed the Jeff Hardy situation on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio.

“There’s discussions through different people and you can pass messages, but as far as Tony Khan directly talking… Every situation’s different. I’m not saying he never talks to anyone from another organization or anything like that. I don’t know what he does and doesn’t do, but I know from certain people that he avoided talking to certain people that are top people until the legal right day.

So, under that guise, you know, Jeff [Hardy] is not going to be a free agent until March. So, I don’t know that there’s any specific thing going. I mean a lot of people are expecting it, and I am too, honestly. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to happen.

But the Hardy Boyz, as a team, again, because of Jeff. They’re going to be a hot tag team. And God damn, that company has got a lot of really good teams that can… Whether you want to call it ‘carry them,’ you know… Matt’s limited right now. You can tell he’s hurting and everything.

But, the bottom line is, the Young Bucks and Hardys matches a couple years ago. I mean, they had that latter match that was unbelievable. And you got FTR, they’re specialists at this. Santana and Ortiz are a great team. Pentagon and Fenix is a weird one. That one could have trouble because of the style thing, but also Jeff Hardy with Pentagon and Fenix could be really good.”

Matt Hardy has teased a reunion of the Hardy Boyz in AEW several times. Wrestling fans have been clamoring for one last huge run for the brothers. AEW has the perfect roster of tag team talent to make it a reality. Time will tell if Tony Khan pulls the trigger.

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Michael Perry

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