Alexa Bliss made her long-awaited return to WWE Raw last week. Fans were underwhelmed with Alexa’s first segment. A therapy session isn’t quite what the WWE Universe was hoping for.

Interestingly enough, Vince McMahon trended today on social media as fans dragged WWE’s current storylines. Bliss is not immune to that criticism, because so many fans are invested in her character.

That storyline continued this week. The online critics appear to have garnered a reaction from Alexa Bliss herself. Bliss advised her fans to be patient.

“Sometimes you need to just be patient & see how things play out …”


Alexa Bliss teased her return before the initial segment aired on last week’s Raw. The therapy sessions again continued this week. Alexa’s answer to every question was just, “Lilly.

Bliss is an extremely popular superstar for WWE. The negative fan reaction to the therapy sketches has to be troubling. Alexa is promising a payoff. Hopefully the storyline ultimately delivers.

WrestleMania season is a time for the hottest storylines of the year to play out. So far, Alexa hasn’t been getting the reactions WWE had hoped for. Time will tell if patience rewards Alexa Bliss fans.

Are you willing to be patient and see what happens with Alexa Bliss? Share your opinion in the comments!

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Michael Perry

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