Malakai Black has unleashed an unstoppable force on All Elite Wrestling. Brody King recently joined his tag team partner in The House of Black. The pair are bent on decimating anyone who stands in their way. Malakai was taught by some absolute legends during his time in NXT. Black would love to see a couple of those faces turn up in AEW.

Samoa Joe and William Regal were two of the most surprising cuts as WWE continued to trim the NXT staff. Regal is one of the most respected minds in the wrestling business. Samoa Joe would bring instant star power and a vast knowledge of the game.

Malakai recently talked to CBS Sports about what the pair could bring to AEW. Black said he owes a ton to Regal. It sounds like he would be thrilled to work with him again.

“In terms of Joe, whether that would be an in an active and competitive part or just someone who helps produce, I would welcome it. I actually spoke to Mr. Regal the day of and expressed my gratitude to him because there are a few people that I always went to, to filter my ideas and filter my process. Him and Terry Taylor are the two that always popped into my head whenever I tried to plan stuff, produce stuff, or think about stuff. He was a big part of that.


He was the one that originally saw me back in the UK in PROGRESS and he made it all happen. I owe a lot, if not almost anything, in terms of my mainstream success to William Regal. He is a credit to the business in any shape or way. Whatever he decides to do, I hope he realizes he’s very respected, very loved, and that if he were to make that decision, if that were the direction, the business would be better for it. There are none more equipped to learn from than William Regal.”

AEW might have a hard time finding a spot for William Regal. If Joe were able and willing to wrestle, any promoter would be crazy not to inquire about his services. Malakai Black would welcome either man and their contributions to AEW.

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