All Elite Wrestling finds itself flooded with talent. Tony Khan continues to sign major names who were recently let go by WWE or Ring of Honor. Now there is an influx of behind-the-scenes employees who have suddenly become available.

WWE released several executives, producers, and coaches in the past two days. Many of them worked for the NXT brand. William Regal was the most surprising cut the company made.

The firings also included a couple of executives and a few more names that should be well-known to WWE fans. Road Dogg and his brother Scott Armstrong were axed. NXT creative head Dave Kapoor will also move on to the next chapter of his life. In this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer said there might not be as much room at AEW for these talented people as everyone might think.

“With AEW, it’s hard to say. On paper, one would say Regal would be a great hire with having both wrestling, training and administrative experience. If they wanted a television authority figure, there would be nobody better. However, in the past they’ve pretty much made it clear they don’t want a television authority figure. They’ve made it clear Tony Khan is the booker and Khan almost never appears on television in angles because his vision of pro wrestling doesn’t have that figure.


Similarly, Kapoor, Katz and Sapolsky with creative have jobs that AEW really doesn’t have. Khan is the full-on booker and has his crew of The Young Bucks, Cody Rhodes and Kenny Omega, plus listens to suggestions from others , notably the top guys. Could he use someone to alleviate the pressure of so much work? Yes. But the traditional television scriptwriter or booker job isn’t really there. When it comes to training, it has QT Marshall and Dustin Rhodes’ schools as affiliates. If Joe wants to wrestle and his healthy, one would think he’d at least be under strong consideration.”

There are limited spots for backstage workers because of the way Tony Khan runs his company. WWE recently released a wealth of talent and wrestling knowledge. Time will tell who, if anyone, will get their shot to help build the All Elite brand.

Do you think Tony Khan will pick up any of the WWE releases to work at AEW? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Michael Perry

Michael Perry is a news contributor for Ringside News and Thirsty for News. Michael has an M.A. in Communication Technology from Point Park University in his hometown of Pittsburgh, PA.

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