CM Punk is a well-known man inside and outside of pro wrestling. His signature would naturally bring a lot of value if you can get Phil Brooks to drop his John Hancock on something. Of course, things are different during a pandemic.

The Second City Savior tweeted out a message for autograph hounds who wait for people outside the airport. They want signatures on a variety of items, but that’s not a wise decision with COVID-19 around.

CM Punk advised that those autograph chasers should step off and stop waiting for people outside airports. It isn’t the safest thing where social distancing is concerned. It’s also incredibly annoying.

Still in a pandemic. If you’re waiting at an airport to get stuff signed, you need to stop doing that shit.


Some people have eBay stores and they will collect signatures to sell them. That is a respectable business, but it also includes a relentless pursuit of famous autographs. Sometimes that includes waiting outside of airports, but CM Punk isn’t going to give them anything to sell during a pandemic.

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