Hook has given AEW a rising star that the fans are hugely behind. The young wrestler’s matches mirror those of his father, Taz. His smooth ring work and brutal attitude have made Hook one of the hottest properties in All Elite Wrestling. Even Tony Khan’s father was impressed when the two met.

Khan believes that Hook is a future champion in AEW. The company has clearly booked him that way. Hook is undefeated during the early part of his in-ring career.

Tony Khan recently spoke with Rasslin’ and discussed Hook’s contributions to his promotion. The AEW President said Hook is well-trained and ready to be a star. Tony’s father, Shahid Khan, was also impressed when he met the young athlete.

“What a well-trained, professional wrestler. Taz has done an amazing job on him and he’s had great training,” Khan said. “He’s at the Nightmare Factory. QT and Cody, when they were training together, have done really well on him. Since they split, Taz has taken over and taken over all of his training since that. Taz has done a phenomenal job, adding a mean streak to him. A few other professional wrestlers in the North East area have contributed.


I really enjoyed working with Hook. He’s a tremendous professional, he doesn’t really talk to many people. I’m one of the very few people who’s heard him talk, so he doesn’t say much. What a wonderful person he is. Taz has really done something amazing.

My dad marveled when he meet Hook because, you know, my dad took me to ECW when I was a kid, and when I was 13 years old, my dad was there in Philly with me. And my dad saw Taz. I was wearing a big orange Taz shirt the whole weekend. Well, not the whole weekend. I had a Darth Vader shirt on Friday, but the Saturday, I had an orange Taz shirt. I gotta tell you, my dad was so impressed [with Taz]. He said to Hook, ‘You know, your dad’s a tough guy. Like, I was in this place and that place was no joke. And he was like, the king of that place.’ And like, both Taz and Hook were so proud.”

Hook most recently defeated Aaron Solo on last week’s AEW Rampage. Tony Nese has been calling him out on social media. Hook believes his next opponent is just another victim.

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