WWE enters 2022 with a re-tooled roster of talent. Approximately 80 wrestlers and several office staffers and road agents were released or left the company last year. Many of those wrestlers have already gone on to do big things elsewhere.

A COVID-19 outbreak among the talent roster has also caused a lot of plans to change. Roman Reigns wasn’t able to defend the Universal Title against Brock Lesnar at the Day 1 premium live event in Atlanta. Several others have been pulled from house shows.

There has been unprecedented turnover in WWE. One of the big names released by the company was Nia Jax. She has not been afraid to speak her mind about the company since being let go. A fan recently asked her on Instagram why WWE released her. She responded with a notably mocking tone.

“I was told budget cuts”


The emoji that she picked to accompany her reply was one that showed a wacky smiling face. We have to wonder if this is her true sentiment about the situation.

Several other wrestlers were also given the same reason for their release. Despite the apparent lack of money, WWE recorded record revenues. They even spent huge money to keep Kevin Owens from jumping ship to AEW.

Nia has been doing her own thing since WWE dropped her from her contract. She plans to start a business and work on her farm. She doesn’t necessarily see wrestling as part of her future.

Nia Jax faced a lot of criticism for her in-ring work during her stint in WWE. Many believe she was let go because she was dangerous to work with. The official company line was budget cuts. For Nia Jax, that excuse doesn’t cut the mustard.

What do you think of Nia Jax’s reaction to this fan question? Let us know in the comments section!

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