Hook is one of AEW’s fastest-rising stars in AEW and he is also selling a ton of merchandise. Hook, who is the son of AEW commentator and former ECW and WWE star Taz, has been featured on AEW television as the silent enforcer of Team Taz.

According to AEW President Tony Khan, Hook will play a significant role in the firm in 2022. Khan was recently questioned by Sports Illustrated’s Justin Barrasso if Hook has a chance to win AEW’s rookie of the year in 2022. Hook may win rookie of the year in any year, according to Khan, and he’ll be remarkable every time we see him on TV.

“Hook could be rookie of the year in any year. He has the marketing machine fully behind him. He’s had great coaching from his father, Taz, who is his mentor, and he’s learned from a lot of very intelligent pro wrestlers. It bodes really well for him, and he is going to be special every time you see him on screen. There is so much to look forward to in 2022, and Hook is a big reason for that.”

Hook debuted in the ring earlier this month on AEW Rampage, defeating Fuego Del Sol. On last week’s Rampage, he defeated Bear Bronson. The “Taz Technique” portion on this Friday’s New Year’s Smash edition of Rampage will feature Taz and Hook demonstrating his Redrum submission, formerly known as the Tazmission.


Hook is already a force of nature in the world of professional wrestling. He has only had two televised matches in AEW. No AEW star has had a faster rise than Hook.

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