Natalya is a true veteran in the WWE women’s division and has been competing in the company for well over a decade. The former WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion suffered an unfortunate ankle injury but made a very quick recovery from it. Finding yourself in the Guinness Book of World Records once is a big deal, but Natalya is getting quite used to it.

There is no doubt that Natalya has worked hard to get where she is in the pro wrestling business and that is exactly why she has been recognized by Guinness World Records an incredible three times. She will be a part of the WWE Hall of Fame when it’s all said and done.

Natalya’s assistant recently posted a letter on Natalya’s behalf to Twitter that celebrated her third Guinness World Record. The Queen Of Harts doesn’t plan on stopping with her Guinness World Record. Canadian professional wrestler, Darryl Sharma recently asked on Twitter if Natalya just made another Guinness World Record, to which Natalya responded affirmative.

#wwemsg with @RheaRipley_WWE@WWENikkiASH and @NatbyNature. Did Natalya just make another @GWR for most non-Americans (myself included) in a match @TheGarden ? #wwe #wweraw


Nattie only replied to say, “Hell ya I did!” Obviously, she’s all about evening out those world records to make it four.

Natalya is the daughter of Jim Neidhart and niece of iconic wrestling brothers Bret and Owen Hart. She made her wrestling debut in 2000 before she joined WWE in 2007. Natalya is a former Diva’s Champion, Smackdown Women’s Champion and Women’s Tag Team Champion. All of that hard work is really paying off.

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