Bret Hart will be inducted to Canada’s Walk of Fame on December 17th. The WWE Hall of Famer has always been a proud Canadian. The honor means a lot to him.

As part of the celebrations, the Hitman gave an interview to his hometown Calgary Sun. He talked about his life in wrestling. He said the sport has changed a lot since the Hulk Hogan days. He also shaded the Hulkster harshly.

He said that Hogan didn’t know a headlock from a head lamp, or as most people know it as a headlight. Either way, it doesn’t sound like The Hitman was the biggest fan of The Hulkster.

“And all the Canadian wrestlers like Natalya or Edge were influenced by me. I think if you look back at wrestling when it was the Hulk Hogan show. He was six-foot-eight and a one-out-of-three wrestler.


He didn’t know a headlock from a headlamp. He didn’t know very much. He knew how to do a clothesline and maybe a body slam. He was very limited. (WWE owner) Vince McMahon took a chance with me and made me that champion.

It meant so much to me that I think I tried to live up to be that champion. It was about being the best wrestler. I gave so much as that wrestler. I was a good role model in the dressing room. All that means a lot.”

Bret Hart will be honored alongside many other notable Canadian heroes, including Keanu Reeves. Bret has always given props to Canadian wrestling. Now, he will live amongst the immortals of the entire nation.

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