Sonny Kiss has been wrestling since 2013. Before that he was a backup dancer and yoga instructor. She signed with AEW back in February of 2019 and has had quite the adventure of it since then. Often she wonders about her place amongst the roster of talented and growing wrestlers, both in the woman’s and men’s locker room. She recently went into just how much help Cody Rhodes has been.

Kiss is genderfluid, which means that he/she identifies with both gender pronouns. In an interview a few years back she stated: “Half the roster calls me ‘she’ and the other half calls me ‘he’; sometimes even in the same sentence, and I love it.”

She stated that she was the one behind the choreography behind the impeccable Lucha Bros entrance at All Out when they went one on one against The Young Bucks. She divulged all of this information in an interview with The Shining Wizards podcast.

“I was one of the dancers and I choreographed the routine [at All Out]. That was me. That was me behind that mask and all that stuff. And so, I asked Cody [Rhodes] that same night, ‘Should I be doing this?’…‘Like, is this ok? Does this make me look bad?’ And he was like, ‘No! Not at all!’ …’Should I be doing more or something?”


Is there something that is not clicking? How much more should I [do] to try to prove myself?’ And he’s just like, ‘Yeah. Always do as much as you can to just keep yourself seen and keep yourself known.’

In an industry where being seen and having a memorable moment out there in the ring is key, the advice form the legendary Rhodes to her was golden, many would say. As far as matches are concerned, Kiss is definitely getting there as well, clocking in quite a few memorable moments in the ring itself, and for wrestling, which for her, is perhaps the point after all.

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Domenic Marinelli

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