WWE’s Madison Square Garden shows are usually the highlights that fans go crazy for. However, it seems the trend is slowing down, and it might be attributed to a number of factors.

WrestleTix recently shared the figures of tickets being sold and still being left out for the upcoming show. According to the tweet, the WWE Live Holiday Tour, which was held on December 26 at 7:30 PM, ended up with extremely low figures in its ticket sales.

Madison Square Garden boasts the capacity of a whopping 10,480 people, while only 5,376 were sold. The tickets sold only fulfilled 51% ticket sales, and about 5,104 were still left out.

Andrew Zarian reposted the tweet and said that while Omicron might be behind driving down ticket demand, his friend from MSG said that WWE shows have been seeing a downward trend in audiences from a while back.


Spoke to a friend over at MSG regarding tonight’s WWE show

They mentioned that most are attributing low ticket sales due to Omicron & the vax requirement for kids 5+

But he also added

“However this wasn’t selling for WWE from the start. This show generally does very well”

WWE programming has been facing a lot of challenges as of late. While the surprising talent releases make fans lose confidence in the company, AEW has been putting up a lot of good shows with the pro-wrestlers that WWE releases. However, the new wave of the virus does make it difficult for the company to keep the audiences interested.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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