Adam Cole made a guest appearance at the The Halo Championship Series in Raleigh, North Carolina. Mr. Bay-Bay is a textbook fan of the Halo video game series. Dr. Britt Baker took this opportunity to gift Adam Cole a pair of custom Halo Jordans for Christmas. Cole also loves sneakers and himself, so this was an amazing way to merge three loves into one gift.

Britt Baker is AEW Women’s Champion, so she can afford a great gift. AEW’s resident dentist might have overdone herself this year.

Baker decided to give her partner some unique Halo merchandise for Christmas this year. Cole is a Halo geek and enjoys wearing Nike Air Jordans. This has got to be the ideal Christmas present for him with these custom Mache sneakers.

“Thank you @MACHE275 for absolutely killing these custom @Halo Jordans for @AdamColePro! #MerryChristmas #BAYBAY #halo”


The Halo Air Jordans were modified by artist/designer Mache who specializes in shoe artwork. Britt Baker seemed to be blown away by the commissioned art. A Halo helmet symbol can be seen on the black and green shoes and “BAY BAY” is written on the sneakers in the Halo font.

We can’t wait to see Adam Cole rocking those Halo shoes.

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