Alberto El Patron captured headlines for the wrong reason as his ex-fiancé leveled some serious accusations against him. She has since dropped that story and Alberto is free and clear of those allegations. That won’t settle all of his issues.

While speaking to his PR Manager Michael Morales, Alberto Del Rio had a lot to say about those who want to drag his name through the mud, specifically Paige.

“The people who have wanted to damage me have been left behind, I don’t focus anymore on that… I can’t hold onto grudges. I don’t have any interest in countering them…But if I wanted to in my hands I have the power to take [Paige] out of her job in two seconds. I can bring out one of her videos of domestic violence and she would not go back to work. I don’t have any interest in that.”

Mexico’s Greatest Export went on to threaten Paige if she doesn’t keep his name out of her mouth. She apparently broke a confidentiality agreement, one that gives Alberto the right to expose even more about her.


“I continue to thank God that Paige broke the confidentiality agreement that we had. Today I am the one who can expose her and show the world who she is if she messes with me. I want my life in peace. I don’t want anything about me on the internet, I don’t want anyone talking. [Paige] can stay calm and no one will see your videos kicking my face and neck. That stays forgotten if you don’t talk about me.”

We’re not sure what kind of video he has of Paige, but there could be even more to this story if both sides don’t leave it alone. It sounds like Alberto El Patron just wants to be left alone. At this rate, we have heard that there is zero interest in him from any other pro wrestling company so leaving him alone seems likely.

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H Jenkins

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