Cody Rhodes has one of the strongest roles in AEW. He has the respect of many AEW superstars, who are always putting in a good word for him. However, after a report of Cody Rhodes being less interactive in the locker room made its way through, two AEW stars think they need to explain the situation.

Wade Keller recently released an audio report on how Punk has a lot more presence in the AEW locker room than Cody Rhodes. While he didn’t criticize Rhodes, some AEW stars got wrong impression from it, and felt like needing to clear the air.

However, unlike Cody, Punk is interacting more with the wrestlers. I’ve heard of multiple occasions of wrestlers saying they’ve come up to Punk with a question and he’s been super receptive. Like, ‘I got all the time in the world for you type approach. Not ‘Oh, I’m busy with my own stuff…’ The body language with Punk for people who have approached him is he’s been super cool. 

QT Marshall took to Twitter and said that he wished Rhodes was “unapproachable.” He added emphasis on Rhodes being a busy man, and still having the time to be there while all the young AEW stars “[feel] the need to come by & grab a book or pitch their shitty ideas.


Fuego Del Sol had a more stricter response. He told Keller that his sources are “trash.” He added that Brandi & Cody Rhodes recently gave a lot of gifts to AEW superstars and are extremely helpful. However, Keller gave his own explanation later on.

Keller’s report was however more about Punk’s interaction with the AEW locker room. He explained that Punk had a more “‘I got all the time in the world for you’ type approach.” Punk is after all a huge legend, and it makes sense for him to elevate up and coming talent.

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