FTR was defeated by the Lucha Bros on last night’s AEW Rampage in a match for the AEW World Tag Team Championship. The AAA tag team champs aren’t happy with the result. Dax Harwood has provided photographic evidence that he says proves the team were screwed out of the titles.

In the still-frame photo posted by Dax, Cash Wheeler’s foot appears to be under the rope. Under the rules of pro wrestling, this should’ve resulted in the referee breaking up the pinfall attempt. Instead, it counted, and the Lucha Bros retained the titles. Dax gave Tony Khan a piece of his mind.

“Cash’s foot under the bottom rope! ROPE BREAK! God forbid a ref abide by the damn rules around here!! Put our lives on the line for almost 20 mins and then the ref misses this?! Just give us the belts!

Frustrated isn’t the gahdamn word for it! This is BULLSH*T @TonyKhan! You screwed us, everybody screwed us! Whatever, I’m going home to have a family day, relax, drink tequila, & not think about professional wrestling. If anyone wants to join me not named Tony, come on.”


The storyline frustrations continue for FTR. At Full Gear, they lost to the Lucha Bros after they pinned the wrong man. The team had put on masks and the pinfall wasn’t recorded against the legal wrestler. This story has been building over time.

The teams have had some tremendous matches during their feud. Now, Dax Harwood is stirring up controversy. He appears to have a strong case that they’ve been robbed on multiple occasions.

What do you think about FTR being screwed again? Let us know in the comments!

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