Jeff Hardy embarrassed not only Sting, but his employer and the entire wrestling world after he showed up intoxicated for the main event of TNA’s 2011 Victory Road PPV. As Hardy made his entrance, it was obvious that he was in no shape to wrestle. The Icon watched in disgusted and frustration. Two minutes later, he hit his Scorpion Death Drop and made the cover to win the World Championship.

Hardy recently talked about the match to Steve Austin on “Broken Skull Sessions.” The Charismatic Enigma told Stone Cold it was embarrassing. He said the incident was an accident and a huge mistake.

“[Soma] hadn’t become a controlled substance yet. So I was still taking the Somas. But I do remember talking to Sting before I got too altered to even…walk out there, hardly. We were gonna do this spot with his finish – the [Scorpion Death Drop] – but my head was gonna be in a chair. And I remember being scared of that. Oh, I might really hurt my neck doing that but it’s gonna be awesome if I don’t. So yeah, I just took too much.

By the time it was time for me to go out there, they [had to find me]. [Former TNA Executive Producer] Eric Bischoff came out there. They had to shut it down. He had to take it home real quick and that was the right thing. They had to do it.


To screw up like I did that night, it was just insane. But one positive asset that I have by looking back at that footage is just – so embarrassing. So – oh my God – just shameful, you know? Out there with my hero in the main event. All these people are watching. But then to do that?”

Hardy said the incident was the reason he decided to get committed to sobriety. The year after was one of the best of his career, he said. The newly found sobriety laid to what he believes is the creative high point of his wrestling life.

What do you think of Jeff Hardy’s take on his match with Sting at TNA Victory Road 2011? Share your take in the comments!

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