Alberto Del Rio recently hit the Twitter expressing how fresh he has been feeling lately. Despite his past issues with the company, Alberto Del Rio remains hopeful he will return to WWE one day.

In his most tweet, Alberto said he feels that he is in the best physical condition of his life. He compares himself with a “fallen tree” on his post further saying that a fallen tree shouldn’t be considered weak. For those who want to make firewood out of it should be aware that the tree is still solid and it cannot be knocked down. The tweet, and follow-up post, when translated from Spanish reads:

Alberto Del Río for Lucha Libre Online… I am and I feel in the best physical condition of my life. For those who want to make firewood from the “fallen tree”, I want you to know that this tree is solid and nothing and no one will be able to knock it down. I want to thank my family, my fans,

Alberto Sevilla who helped me to be in this physical condition, my friend Akbar Farat and the Lucha Libre Online family. Thanks to everyone who believed in me. Thanks to those who doubted me and made me stronger. I am standing here and alive. We will continue to give 100%


Alberto went ahead to thank his Lucha Libre Online family. He also expressed gratitude for his fans my fans. The are the main reason why his roots are still stronger just like the fallen tree people thinks of him today.

Del Rio’s last run with WWE was not pretty. The former WWE Champion was serving a suspension when he left, using an opt-out clause in his contract to bring it to a premature end. He even said unsavory things about the company, most notably Triple H, while he was in a relationship with Paige.

The 44 year old professional wrestler seems to have found peace and best health in his personal life. Although it’s unknown why he deleted such positive tweet, but is so seems that he is very contended with his present life. Positivity, proper mental and physical health is what everyone seeks out of life.

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