Dustin Rhodes took on his brother, Cody Rhodes, at the very first AEW event, Double or Nothing. Fans praised the bloody war for it’s emotional storytelling. Many wondered how WWE could’ve missed such a golden opportunity when both were still performing for the company.

Dustin recently talked about the issue to Way of the Blade. He said he fought hard while in WWE to get a match against Cody. He said Vince McMahon himself told him the brother vs brother war wasn’t good enough for WrestleMania.

“I had fought so hard every single year to get to work my brother at WrestleMania. And point-blank, Vince (McMahon) would always tell me, ‘This match is not good enough to be on WrestleMania.’

That pissed me off, that pissed me off bad. And it was hurtful, and it did something to me. It really depleted every ounce of passion that I had. I fought for it every single year, Cody too. We both fought for it every year.


So to get offered this with Cody and Tony Khan, to this new fanbase and this upstart company AEW, on this PPV? And I watched All In on PPV at home. It was like ‘Okay, here we go.’ Double or Nothing, Cody puts out his promo, we’ve got these two promos. Mine and his, they get huge hits. It was like the world just caught fire there with me. And still, I got excited, right?

I’m like the kid in the candy store. I’m very excited about this but not confident at all. I was very lost in my confidence and passion, like I said. And very unsure about my ability to step into the ring with my brother and deliver a very explosive match for him.”

The long-anticipated match wasn’t something Dustin Rhodes initially thought he had in him. After his time with WWE, he said he believed his career was over. The match at Double or Nothing revived that spark once he saw the fans reacting to the fight.

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Thanks to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription!

Michael Perry

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