Marty Jannetty‘s bizarre social media ravings continued again today. The former Rocker shared a road story about a major celebrity. He says he met Mariah Carey at the China Club in New York, where she climbed upon and then vomited all over him.

Jannetty disgustingly described the event, down to the physical properties of the vomit itself. After fans called him out as a liar, Party Marty posted a series of replies from his friend Michael Galloway. Galloway’s Facebook profile identifies him as a former stage manager at China Club, so it might be a legitimate story.

“So, to continue or finish the Mariah Carey story that got cut off two posts ago.. she and Janet Jackson were my fantasy girls.. when I met Mariah at the China Club (New York City) she climbed me, was draped on me then threw up, all over my left was warm and creamy but you don’t need to wear that in a great club like that ..I went and got several napkins, the bartenders saw the whole thing and was laughing their asses.. I got napkins, wiped off the throw up and went back to partying.. lol.. that’s all”

“Hey, I shouldn’t need to explain me and my life I last post, Mariah Carey, yes, that happened.. but I’m here sharing with you.. I don’t need to, I just want y’all to catch a glimpse of what blessed life I got to live cause most of y’all live a boring ass life.. I’m trying to help, live vicariously through me.. damn.. but some wanna call me a liar cause you can’t phantom my life?.. some idiot doubted me on last post and my bruh Mickey said I WAS THERE(he was the manager of the Club), all you zeros that won’t let me help your life be happy, eat a bowl of balls.. here’s your once and only proof PS- this is pertaining to the post where my fantasy girl Mariah Carey threw up on my shoulder when I met her in the China Club in NYC”


Jannetty later posted a random picture of a woman in a bikini. He implied may be having some sort of multiple-partner encounter. The downward spiral continues.

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Michael Perry

Michael Perry is a news contributor for Ringside News and Thirsty for News. Michael has an M.A. in Communication Technology from Point Park University in his hometown of Pittsburgh, PA.

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