Charlotte Flair recently talked with BT Sport, where she was impressively candid about several topics. Most notably, she said that people view her as difficult to work with because she’s woman. The comment confused some fans.

Flair appeared on ESPN’s Get Up, where the SmackDown champ responded to the critics. She says she doesn’t understand the criticism. She’s not ready to retire, and she’s not satisfied with settling for what she already has. She compares herself to any other athlete who wants to strive for more.

“That’s what I just don’t understand, like when there’s so much, I guess, criticism about it. Because you know, I’m confident in my work? Because I’ve grown as a performer? What is the issue? I’m not ready to retire. Like no one says, ‘Oh, I don’t want to win another National Championship’ to a football player. It should be no different. I don’t understand that. It’s mind-blowing to me.”

Thus far in her career, Charlotte holds the record for most WWE women’s championships by any superstar. She was one of the few women to have main evented WrestleMania. Still, Charlotte Flair wants more.


Becky Lynch responded to the initial controversy. Stirring up the heat between the two, she said that gender wasn’t the issue. The two will settle their personal feud (hopefully) Sunday night at Survivor Series.

The showdown between the Raw and SmackDown Women’s champs comes as real-life heat between the two hits a boiling point. WWE has obviously tried to take control of the narrative and incorporate it into the storyline. We’ll see if it pays off on Sunday night.

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Michael Perry

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