Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins are happily-married couple. It is no big secret to pro-wrestling fanatics, now more than ever as Lynch welcomed her baby Roux into the world. As Lynch returned on WWE SummerSlam, she’s proven herself well beyond her means.

Lynch had a lot of doubts about being seen with her husband on screen back in 2019. Seth Rollins was feuding with Baron Corbin back then, while Becky Lynch was involved in feud with Lacey Evans. The couple ended up reuniting at Extreme Rules in a Winner Takes All Mixed Tag Team Match, and defeated their respective nemeses.

The Man spoke with Sports Illustrated recently where she described how she was concerned about her on-screen appearances with Seth Rollins. However, Vince McMahon reassured her that no one will associate her to be Rollin’s ‘girlfriend.’ She said:

When [Seth] and I were together on-screen, beforehand, I said, ‘I’m worried that I’m just going to be Seth Rollins’ girlfriend.’ [Vince] goes, ‘[Scoffs], Seth is Becky’s boyfriend.’


Lynch recalled how back then, she was a face. Now, she said that it might be easier for them to be seen together. While she said that she isn’t sure, she urged that there is no rush for her to get to it.

Now, as heels, it’s easier. As good guys, I was The Man and doing my own thing and he’s got his own thing. It was weird. As slimy little heels like the two of us are, maybe it’s better. I don’t know. I don’t think there is any rush to get to that or any need to get there. He’s got his own thing with Big E, an awesome champion, and I’ve got my thing going on. If the paths ever cross, we shall see.

The two have a different on-screen dynamic altogether. While The Man was back then a face, she has returned as a heel, which matches Rollins’ persona as well. The RAW superstars haven’t crossed paths yet, but if they ever do, it’ll be easier for them.

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