Jeff Hardy has always had soft spot for Willow the Wisp, a character he developed early in his career. Willow has played a prominent role in Impact and elsewhere in the past. Hardy even had a new mask produced in case WWE ever gave him the green light for a run as the character.

In a recent chat with Metro, Hardy explained how he would pitch the return of Willow to WWE. The Charismatic Enigma did note that he hasn’t actually made the pitch just yet. It’s just an idea he’s playing with, for now.

“I think there’s something special about Willow. I’ve written down some ideas, I don’t know if they really make sense. I’ve yet to pitch any to anybody, creatively, in WWE.

So I just need to go in and do that, not hesitate. They might shut it down, but it might be cool. I can’t help but think how cool it was when I first witnessed The Fiend, and the light shutting down.


It was so cool to me – that’s kinda my thing too, I was like, “Man, this is so cool!” Now he’s not here anymore, I think there’s something really cool Willow could do similar to that.

It wouldn’t be exactly like that, but I’ve even had ideas like a Jeff Ross character – like I was a painter, a really silly painter Jeffery Ross, and then Willow would be my Fiend.

But then that’s too much like the Fun House. But that’s what’s cool about pro wrestling – anything’s possible and anything can make sense if it’s thought out correctly and really believed in.”

It would be interesting to see if WWE would be willing to let Jeff Hardy run with one of his own ideas. The character might not be well-known to the WWE audience at this point. It would take some good creative to get fans behind Willow, but it could work. He’d be perfect for the cinematic matches that WWE has grown to love.

Would you like to see Jeff Hardy get a WWE run as Willow? Let us know in the comments!

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Michael Perry

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