All Elite Wrestling fans now have their first idea of how well Saturday’s Full Gear pay-per-view performed. Until the hard numbers come in, one of the first indicators of the success of a wrestling pay-per-view are the Google search numbers from the night. AEW was hoping fans would be engaged with the Full Gear PPV and ordering in huge numbers. Based on a first look at the search stats, Full Gear will see a significant drop in buys from All Out.

Dave Meltzer crunched the numbers on today’s Wrestling Observer Radio. He said that the search number was underwhelming. He also noted that it’s not necessarily a 100% guarantee that the show did poorly, but it does give some insight into whether fans were buying the PPV.

“They were 50,000. It’s not a good indication, I mean, as far as for a pay-per-view number. They’ve done 100,000 buys on 50,000 Google searches in the past. So it’s not like a kiss of death or anything like that, but it wasn’t close to … the last one.

I don’t think anybody had any real expectations, like, anything under 150 would be bad. I didn’t think they’d get 150 off of the show.


As far as those indications, they’ve had pay-per-views that haven’t even finished in the top twenty as far as Google searches. So, you know, it’s not an indication that it did terrible or anything… But if it did really great it would’ve done better. So that’s the earliest indication that it was not anywhere close to the last one…Just from the response I’ve gotten so far, it doesn’t feel like it’s at the level of the last one.”

It makes sense that the numbers would be down. All Out did over 200,000 buys based on the strength of CM Punk making his in-ring return against Darby Allin. While Full Gear was stacked, it didn’t have the interest of a wider casual audience who was curious to see how Punk looked in his comeback. We’ll have a much better idea how successful the show was once the true buy rate numbers are released.

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Michael Perry

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