AEW’s All Out pay-per-view is going down tonight and Ringside News has got you covered with live results coverage.

The main show will kick off at 8:00 PM and match by match coverage of the show will take place on this very page. Feel free to leave any reactions from the show in the comment below. The card for tonight is as follows:

  • CM Punk vs. Darby Allin
  • AEW World Championship: Kenny Omega (c) vs. Christian Cage
  • The Final Fight – If Chris Jericho Loses, He Will Never Wrestle Again: Chris Jericho vs. MJF
  • Steel Cage Match For The AEW Tag Team Championship: The Young Bucks (c) vs. The Lucha Brothers
  • AEW TNT Championship: Miro (c) vs. Eddie Kingston
  • AEW Women’s Championship: Britt Baker D.M.D. vs. Kris Statlander
  • Paul White vs. QT Marshall
  • Jon Moxley vs. Satoshi Kojima
  • Women’s Casino Battle Royale

Justin Roberts introduces out first match for the TNT title! Eddie Kingston intensely makes his entrance. The TNT Champion, Miro is out next. Huge “Eddie!” chants before the bell.

AEW TNT Championship: Miro (c) vs. Eddie Kingston


They mouth off to start, Kingston gets a knee, Miro with a drop toe hold, Kingston goes for a full nelson and Miro escapes the ring. Miro catches a kick and Kingston pokes Miro in the eye, chops from Kingston, Miro fights out of the corner and Kingston hits an exploder suplex.

Miro with a forearm on the outside, Kingston whipped into the barricade. Kingston fights out with a high boot, Miro hits a powerslam as Kingston dives off the apron. Kingston driven into the ring post, then again into another ring post. Miro covers, kicks out at 1. Miro chokes Kingston on the ropes, Miro with a kick to the back, Kingston slaps Miro, Miro hits a big forearm, elbows on the mat from Miro, 2 count,

Miro locks in a headlock, Kingston fights out with chops, Miro hits a dropkick! Miro plays to the crowd, splash in the corner, Kingston with chops, Kingston with an enziguri, and knocks Miro out of the ring. Miro with a clubbing blow, Kingston hits a back suplex! Miro with forearms, Kingston fights back with chops, Miro with right hands, Kingston with more chops, backdrop, another back drop, 2 count.

Miro escapes a spinning back fist, Kingston hits a suicide dive! Kingston hits a fisherman suplex, 2 count! Miro with forearms to the back, german suplex, Kingston pulls the turnbuckle off, Miro with a superkick, Miro locks in Game Over! Kingston gets to the ropes. Kingston hits a back elbow, DDT, Miro kicks out at 2! The ref was distracted with the turnbuckle so making the count late.

Kingston with knees to the face, the ref shield the exposed turnbuckle, Miro hits a low blow, roundhouse kick, and a superkick, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: “And Still” TNT Champion, Miro!

Commentary runs down tonight’s card.

Satoshi Kojima makes his entrance. Jon Moxley is out next, walking through the crowd. Moxley is wearing a GCW hoodie.

Jon Moxley vs. Satoshi Kojima

Kojima offers a handshake, Moxley gives him the finger, chops back and forth, forearms back and forth, Kojima hits a shoulder tackle. Moxley rolls out of the ring, Kojima dives over the top onto Moxley. Moxley hits a suicide dive and plays to the crowd. Moxley hits a Russian Leg Sweep onto the barricade. Moxley stomps on Kojima hand.

Moxley wrenches on Kojima hand, high knees to the face, chops in the corner, Kojima fights out and hits chops of his own. Kojima with an elbow in the corner, Kojima hits an elbow from the top rope, 2 count. Moxley hits a backdrop, clothesline in the corner, Moxley bites Kojima on the top rope, Kojima bites back! Kojima hits a superplex, forearms back and forth in the apron, Kojima with a DDT on the apron!

Kojima with a DDT in the ring, 2 count. Moxley gets a rear naked choke, into a suplex, 2 count. Moxley locks in an armbreaker, Kojima gets to the ropes, Moxley with a high knee. Kojima blocks the Paradigm Shift and hits a brain buster! Moxley kicks out at 2 and hits a german suplex. Moxley hits a forearm, clothesline, Kojima hits a clothesline, Moxley with a high knee, Kojima hits a lariat, Koji Cutter! Kojima cant capitalize.

Right hands back and forth, Kojima with an elbow strike, Moxley hits a lariat, 2 count. Moxley locks in the bulldog choke, Kojima gets to the ropes. Moxley with kicks to the chest, Kojima with Mongolian chops, Moxley hits the Paradigm Shift! Moxley hits a second Paradigm Shift to get the victory!

WINNER: Jon Moxley!

Minoru Suzuki music hits! Moxley shakes his head “no” in disbelief before Suzuki walks out of the entrance tunnel! Suzuki gets in the ring, the crowd sings his theme before he faces off with Moxley! Suzuki takes off his jacket… they mouth off to each other, Suzuki hits a forearm, Moxley hits a forearm, Suzuki hits a forearm, Moxley hits a forearm, back and forth, Suzuki with a big boot, Moxley with a lariat, they are laughing at each other, Suzuki locks in a rear naked choke! Suzuki hits the Gotch Style Piledriver! Suzuki steps on Moxley prone body and celebrates!

Video package for the AEW Women’s World title match. Kris Statlander makers her entrance, accompanied by the Best Friends. Britt Baker is out next to a huge reaction. Rebel and Hayter accompany her to ringside. Justin Roberts does the official ring introductions.

AEW Women’s Championship: Britt Baker D.M.D. vs. Kris Statlander

Lock up tot start, Statlander with an arm wrench, headlock, Baker escapes the ring. Baker goes for the lock jaw, Statlander escapes. Statlander boops Baker with her own finger, Statlander with a mule kick ion the corner, Baker hits a swinging neckbreaker off the top rope. Orange Cassidy faces off with Hayter and Rebel at ringside.

Baker stomps on Statlander on the apron. Baker with elbow strikes into a headlock. Statlander with forearms in the corner, running forearm, running knee, Baker hits a slingblade, Statlander hits a falcon arrow, 2 count. Baker gets a backslide, 2 count. Baker hits a huge DDT, 2 count. Baker with a superkick, Rebel puts the glove on Baker, Baker stomps on Statlander, Statlander with a huge kick, Baker with a victory roll, 2 count. Baker with a flatliner into the turnbuckle, Statlander with a superplex!

Statlander climbs to the top, misses area 451! Baker locks in the lockjaw, into a crossface, Statlander fights out and hits a electric chair! Statlander hits a scissor kick, 2 count! Statlander misses a pendulum moonsault off the apron, Baker hits a curbstomp off the steel steps. The refs counts and Cassidy screams at Statlander to get back in the ring!

Baker kicks her way out of a submission, Baker with kicks in the corner. Baker pushes the ref away. Baker hits the Pittsburgh Sunrise, Adam Cole’s move! Baker hits a curbstomp! Baker locks in Lockjaw! Statlander taps out!

WINNER: “And Still” AEW Women’s World Champion, Dr Britt Baker D.M.D!

Marvez is backstage with Andrade El Idolo and Chavo, Andrade says he is here to fight, Chavo says he didn’t cancels Pac’s flight, Pac isn’t here because he is scared. This Friday, Andrade will fight Pac at Rampage.

The Steel Cage lowers before a video package for our next match. Lucha Brothers are rapped to the ring by Muelas De Gallo. The Young Bucks are out next accompanied by the rest of the Elite. Don Callis joins commentary.

Steel Cage Match For The AEW Tag Team Championship: The Young Bucks (c) vs. The Lucha Brothers

All four men face off, huge brawl to kick off, the Bucks try to climb out but the Lucha Brothers catch, them, Fenix hits a huge dropkick on both men. Lucha Bros hit enziguri’s on the corner, Fenix throws Nick into the cage, Matt thrown into the cage, Fenix with a huricanrana on Nick off the tope rope. Penta hits a stomp on Matt, 2 count.

Nick thrown into the cage, and again, Lucha bros hits spears into the cages, a second spear misses and they go crashing into the cage. The Bucks hit clubbing blows in the corner, Nick with a superkick and a stomp into a backstabber! Matt hits a dropkick into the steel cage. Matt powerbombs Fenix into the cage. Nick hits a penalty kick on Penta. Matt chokes Fenix with a chain.

Nick grinds Fenix head into the cage. Penta hits a slingblade, backstabber, 2 count as Nick breaks the count. Fenix with a huge armdrag, Penta hits a backbreaker, Lucha bros misses double superkicks, Penta hits a cutter, Matt with a top rope Stunner, Fenix with a double stunner. Fenix hits a superkick, Penta with a piledriver, 2 count.

Fenix thrown into the cage, Matt locks in a sharpshooter, Nick hits a backdrop on the apron. Nick hits a Swanton on Penta, 2 count. Fenix hits a forearm on both Bucks, the Bucks hit a double superkick on Fenix. The Bucks hit a stomp/piledriver on Penta, 2 count. Huge “Lucha Brothers!” chants. The Bucks miss the BTE Trigger, Fenix gets hit with a low blow, as does Penta!

The Bucks hit More Bang For Your Buck, 2 count as Penta breaks the count. The Bucks rip at the masks of the Lucha Bros, Fenix driven into the cage face first, Cutler throws a bag into the ring, Matt takes off his shoe and puts on a shoe with thumb tacks on the sole.

Penta sacrifices himself for Fenix and Matt superkicks him with the thumb tack shoe! Fenix thrown into the cage. Penta thrown into the shoe, his face gets stuck in the thumb tacks, Nick hits a running boot. Penta is a bloody mess. Matt hits a superkick with the tacks, hit the BTE Tigger on Penta, Fenix breaks the count at 2!

Fenix hits a huricanrana, superkick, corkscrew kick, Fenix hits Nick with the shoe with tacks, hits the Black Fire Driver, 2 count! Penta and Matt hit piledrivers on the apron. They brawl in the ring, Penta hits a Canadian Destroyer off the top rope! Nick has been busted open. All 4 men hits chops on each other, Nick hits a superkick, Fenix hits a superkick, Matt hits a superkick, Penta hits a superkick. Nick hits a superkick, then Penta, then Matt! Fenix hits a superkick, Penta and Matt take each other out.

Fenix with a corkscrew kick, Fenix with the Fear Factor, Nick breaks the count! Penta tells Fenix to go to the top of the cage! Fenix climbs, Nick superkicks, Penta, Fenix kicks Nick from the top, Fenix with a crossbody onto all 3 men, Matt gets spiked in an piledriver from both Lucha Bros, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: “And New” AEW World Tag Team Champions, The Lucha Brothers!

The Lucha Brothers celebrate in the ring, Penta’s family comes out to celebrate with him.

Commentary recaps the night so far.

Justin Roberts introduces the Casino Battle Royale. The deck gets shuffled, its the clubs. Hikaru Shida is the first women out, then Skye Blue, Emi Sakura is next, then the Bunny, then Abadon.

Women’s Casino Battle Royale

Sakura hits a backbreaker on Shida, Abadon and the Bunny team up on Skye Blue. Abadon bites Sakura in the corner, Blue with a high knee on the Bunny, she celebrates on the ropes and Abadon eliminates her with a big boot, Bunny eliminates Abadon! Sakura with a surfboard on Shida while the Bunny skips around. The Bunn works over both women. Elbow strikes in the corner, Abadon and Bunny try to eliminate Shida.

The next suit is the Diamonds. Anna Jay is first out, forearms with the Bunny, out next is Keira Hogan. Killyn King is next. Diamante is out next and then Nyla Rose! Rose with a splash in the corner. Sakura eliminated. Hogan spills to the outside, King eliminated. Rose throws Shida over the top rope. Rose and Diamante celebrate. Jay tries to eliminate Bunny. Bunny with a elbow in the corner.

the next suit is the Hearts. Thunder Rosa is the first out! Rosa with a dropkick to Rose, Penelope Ford is next, then Riho, then Jamie Hayter! Out last is Big Swole. Riho with kicks to Bunny, Swole goes right after Diamante, Hayter stomps on Riho, Riho was eliminated off camera. Swole eliminates Diamante. Hayter eliminates Swole. Swole and Diamante brawl on the outside. Hayter and Rose fight Thunder Rosa. Rosa with a huge dropkick to Rose.

The next suit is the Spades. Tay Conti is out first, goes straight for the Bunny. Red Velvet is next, then Layla Hirsch, Jade Carghill is out next! Hirsch with a suplex on Rose. Rebel is out last. Carghill goes after Rosa. Rose tries to eliminate Hirsch, Conti brawls on the top rope with Ford. Red Velvet eliminates Rebel. Bunny eliminated by Anna Jay, Ford pump kicks Jay, Carghill throws Hirsch over the top rope! Huge “Ruby Soho” chants!

The last women out is the Joker. The Joker is… Ruby Soho(formerly known as Ruby Riott!)

Soho goes after Carghill, Carghill pushes her away, Soho with a kick to Jade, forearms to Rose, Rose with a headbutt. Rosa hits a huricanrana. Carghill hits a pump handle slam on Soho. Carghill eliminated Hayter. Conti with a boot to Ford. Ford hits a pumpkick, Carghill eliminated Velvet. Nyla Rose eliminates Carghill! Conti and Bunny brawl on the top rope. Soho and Rosa team up to eliminated Rose. Conti eliminates the Bunny. Rose eliminates Conti. Final 3, Soho, Rosa and Rose.

Rose with a slam to Soho, Samoan Drop to Rosa. Rose stomps on Soho. Rosa throws Rose over the top rope, dropkicks Rose out of the ring! Final 2, Soho and Rosa! They stare each other down… Rosa with a slap, Soho with a chop, Rosa with a chop, Soho with a chop. Rosa gets the advantage. Soho with a forearm, Soho throws Rosa over the top, Rosa pulls Soho to the apron. Rosa with stomps while Soho is hanging. Soho with a knee strike, both women hanging on… Rosa gets Soho on her shoulder, Soho hits the Riott Kick and Rosa falls out of the ring!

WINNER: Ruby Soho!

Video package for MJF vs. Jericho. A countdown clock appears on the screen, classic Jericho style! “Jericho’s Last Match” appears on the screen and MJF makes his entrance, what a troll. The lights go out, Fozzy play Judas without lyrics and the crowd sing the words as Jericho makes his entrance.

The Final Fight – If Chris Jericho Loses, He Will Never Wrestle Again: Chris Jericho vs. MJF

Huge cheers for Jericho. MJF leaves the ring, wipes his ass with Jericho’s jacket, rips up fans signs. MJF and Jericho go face to face, Jericho hits a shoulder tackle. Forearms back and forth, Jericho trips MJF and goes for the Walls, MJF gets a pin, 2 count. MJF with a forearm on the outside. Chop against the barricade, MJF thrown into the crowd.

Jericho brawls into the crowd. Jericho throws a pole onto MJF. Jericho with a springboard dropkick. MJF catches Jericho on the ring skirt, knees to Jericho, throws Jericho back into the ring. MJF with an armbar. Jericho with chops, MJF with an armbreaker, 2 count. Huge boos for MJF, MJF hits a suplex, 2 count. MJF bites Jericho’s hand, mocks Jericho, Jericho hits a suplex.

Jericho hits forearms, chops, crosschop, bulldog. Jericho hits a backbreaker, 2 count. Jericho with chops in the corner, MJF with a back elbow and a stomp on the arm, Jericho whipped into the corner, 2 count. MJF with a headbutt, chops, gives a finger to the crowd, more chops, does the Flair strut, drops Jericho’s arm across the rope, MJF hits the Heat Seeker Piledriver on the apron! The ref counts Jericho out, Jericho gets in at 9!

MJF goes for a moonsault to the outside, Jericho moves out of the way and hits a powerbomb onto the apron! Jericho with right hands, MJF with right hands, MJF hits a codebreaker, 2 count! MJF has injured his back. Jericho goes for the Walls, MJF kicks out, Jericho with a shoulder block into a Lionsault! 1, 2, kick out! Jericho with clothesline in the corner. Jericho with right hands on the top rope.

MJF hits a powerbomb off the top rope, MJF screams in pain at his injured back. MJF goes for the cover, Jericho kicks out at 2. MJF bites Jericho, goes for a superplex, but cant because of his injured back, Jericho throws him off, hits a codebreaker from the top! 1, 2, kick out. Wardlow walks out and Jake Hager intercepts him! they brawl on the ramp and to the back. MJF get the Baseball Bat and hits Jericho behind the refs back! MJF hits the Judas Effect, 1, 2, 3! Jericho, more or less, had his foot on the rope!


A second ref tells Aubrey that Jericho foot was on the rope! Roberts says Jericho’s foot was on the ropes to the match will restart.

Match Restart: Jericho vs MJF

Jericho gets a quick roll up, 2 count! MJF gets the Salt of the Earth! Jericho rolls him up, 2 count. Jericho gets the Walls! MJF goes to to ropes but Jericho drags him back to the ring. MJF taps out!

WINNER: Chris Jericho!

The Inner circle runs down and celebrate with Chris Jericho!

Video package for CM Punk vs. Darby Allin. A cool Darby Allin video plays before his entrance music. Sting accompanies him to the stage, they fist bump, hug and Sting leaves. Darby Allin skateboards down the ramp to the ring. Huge “CM Punk!” chants, and Cult of Personality hits! Punk is wearing long tights, he shouts “It’s Clobberin’ Time!” and walks to the ring.

CM Punk vs. Darby Allin

Huge “CM Punk!” chants. Darby sits in the corner, Punk sits cross legged. “Holy Shit!” chants and they stare each other down. Lock up, Allin with an armdrag. Punk with a headlock, shoulder tackle. “Welcome Back!” chants. Lock up, headlock from Punk, Allin gets a hammerlock, Allin hangs on, roll up, 1 count. Punk with a back elbow.

Punk hits a body slam, into a headlock. Allin hits a headbutt! Punk almost gets the GTS and Allin escapes the ring, frustrated. “You Still Got It!” chants. Punk with a headlock, Allin with an armdrag, running back elbows in the corner. Punk whips Allin hard into the ring post! Punk throws Allin back into the ring, 2 count.

Punk with a surfboard submission, stomp on the back, backdrop. 2 count. Allin fights out of a surfboard, Punk hits a knee to the gut. Punk with an abdominal stretch, Allin with elbow, Punk hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, 2 count. Punk with another headlock, into another abdominal stretch. Darby hits a stunner! Allin with slaps, springboard coffin splash, Allin gets a roll up, 2 count. Allin hits Code Red, 2 count.

Punk crotches Allin on the top turnbuckle, Allin counters a backdrop into a crossbody. Allin with a victory roll, 2 count, Punk bridges out, hits GTS! Allin falls out of the ring. Darby gets in the ring at 9! Punk with forearms, high knee in the corner, into a lariat. Punk signals Go To Sleep! Allin is limp on the mat, Punk pulls him up, Allin fights off Punks shoulders with elbows. Allin with a suicide dive to the outside. Allin climbs to the top, hits a senton from the top to the outside!

“This is Awesome!” chants, Darby mocks Go To Sleep and Punk moves out of the way of a Coffin Drop! Allin with a roll up, 2 count. Allin catches GTS, gets the last supper, 2 count. Punk with a leg lariat, Punk hits the GTS, 1, 2, 3!


CM Punk celebrates, holding up 7 fingers for 7 years. Sting makes his way to the ring. Sting checks on Allin, offers the hand to Punk…Punk shakes hands with Sting. Punk and Sting try to hold Darby Allin up, Allin gets up on his own accord. Punk shakes hands with Darby. Sting and Darby leave while Punk soaks in the crowd adulation.

Video package for Paul White vs. QT Marshall. the Factory accompany QT Marshall to ringside. “No More BS” Paul Wight is out next. Wight throws Solo out fo the ring, throws Comoroto out of the ring.

Paul White vs. QT Marshall

Wight beats down on Marshall. Wight with chops in the corner, more huge chops to the chest. Wight stands on Marshall’s body. Another huge chop in the corner, another chop, Marshall gets a high boot and a dropkick to the hip, Marshall with right hands, and another drop kick, 2 count as Wight throws Marshall out of the ring. Marshall goes for a cutter but Wight throws him off.

Wight with a huge back body drop. Wight pulls solo to the apron, huge clubbing blow,. WMD to Comoroto, Comoroto doesn’t go down, Wight hits a spear,, Wight with a chokeslam to Marshall to get the victory.

WINNER: Paul Wight!

Earlier tonight, Moxley talks about his old enemy Suzuki. Suzuki, welcome to the jungle.

Malakai Black steps out of the darkness, he wants Dustin to be angry, think about Arn, Brock, Cody. Think about that, when you realise, it’s time to pay the boatman’s toll.

Video package for Kenny Omega vs. Christian Cage. Christian Cage makes his entrance first. Kenny Omega enters with Don Callis. Justin Roberts does the official ring introductions.

AEW World Championship: Kenny Omega (c) vs. Christian Cage

Omega goes for a quick V Triger, Cage moves out of the way, brawl, Omega with a huricanrana, Cage with chops on the outside, Omega sent hard into the barricade, Cage with a crossbody off the top rope onto Omega on the outside. Omega whips Cage into the steps knees first. Omega pulls a table from under the ring, a stomp off the apron, shattering the table on Cage, Callis distracts the ref.

Omega and Callis set up another table on the outside. Cage with a suplex on the floor. Back in the ring, Cage with chops, Omega misses a dropkick, Omega gauges the eyes, hits a slingblade, 2 count. Omega with a headlock, Omega with boots in the corner, back drop, 2 count. Cage with right hands on the turnbuckle Omega pushes Cage off the turnbuckle, Cage crashes to the outside. Omega goes to moonsault off the barricade, he slips the first time but hits it the second.

Back in the ring, Omega covers, 2 count. Omega with slaps, Cage whipped hard into the corner, Omega hits a neckbreaker, 2 count. Cage pushes Omega off the top rope, slap to Omega, hits a huricanrana. Right hands back and forth, Omega gets the advantage, misses a back elbow in the corner, cage escapes a one winged angel, more shots in the corner, Cage chokes Omega in the rope, jumps over into a right hand.

Omega hit with a reverse DDT, 2 count. Omega with a high knee, Cage driven into the corner, chops, Cage with a right hand, tornado DDT, 2 count. Omega with a V Trigger in the corner, snap dragon, another snap dragon, Cage give Omega the finger, Omega hits another snap dragon. Omega hits a V Trigger, Omega with stomps on the apron, Cage with back elbows, Cage driven into the ring post, Omega goes for the One Winged Angel, Cage escapes into the ring, Cage with a spear off the apron through the table at ringside!

Back in the ring, Cage hits a spear to the back, another spear, 2 count. Omega gets the knees up on a frog splash, Omega goes for a gutwrench but cant hit it. Omega with a knee to the face, another knee, Cage blocks a third, right hands, Omega with a knee, into another V Trigger. Cage locks in a cloverleaf, Callis gestures to the back, Gallows and Anderson runs down, Cage fights them off. Omega accidentally hits Gallows with a V Trigger, Cage hits the Killswitch! 1, 2, kick out!

Callis gets in the ring, Cage chases him off, Cage goes for a Killswitch off the top, Omega reverse into a One Winged Angel off the top rope! 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: “And Still” AEW World Champion, Kenny Omega!

Omega celebrates with Callis in the ring. The Young Bucks come out to celebrate with the Elite. The Elite continue to beat down Cage in the ring! Jurassic Express run to to help! Huge brawl in the ring. “YES!” chants! Omega asks if we are finally starting to understand. Nobody is on his level. The only peopel who can beat him aren’t here, or are dead.

The lights go out… Adam Cole is here!! Cole walks down to the ring. He walks into the ring with the Elite. “Adam Cole Bay Bay!” Cole hits a superkick on Jungle Boy!

Adam Cole joins the Elite! The Young Bucks kiss him. Omega asks “Did I do that?”

Adam Cole asks who’s ready for story time? Cole says the Elite are the most dominate faction in this business. Aint no chance in hell anybody cant stop us. Omega say Good Bye and Good Night.

Ride of the Valkyries plays… Bryan Danielson is here!!! Bryan Yes Chants to the ring!

Bryan walks into the ring, helps Jungle Boy up, Omega flees and Bryan and Jurassic Express brawl with the Elite. Bryan with a German, hits the running knee on Nick Jackson.

Huge “AEW” Chants! Danielson, Cage and Jurassic Express celebrate in the middle of the ring while the Elite look mad on the stage and All Out goes off the air.

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