Tony Khan has proven himself on spotting talent where others don’t find it. The latest batch of WWE releases has created lot of negative sentiment for the mammoth wrestling promotion. However, AEW has always utilized many of the released free agents and found tremendous success.

Khan recently appeared on the Wrestling Observer Radio ahead of tonight’s Full Gear. He discussed the full scope of how many former WWE superstars have now found their place at AEW. Khan said that many releases from the pandemic year helped strengthen AEW immensely.

There have been a number of cuts where each quarter, it feels like, maybe they cut 20 people on average. I think in each wave there have been a few people that were really helpful to AEW and have been very additive. That goes back to last year, during the pandemic, when people were getting fired by WWE. I thought that last summer we really strengthened the company with a lot of the people that got cut. Now we’re in a strong position because of those people.

The AEW owner named some superstars who have proved to be real assets to the wrestling promotion. He brought up Andrade El Idolo, Malakai Black, Tay Conti, and AAA World Tag Team Champions FTR. Other huge stars who chose to join AEW on their own volition such as CM Punk, Bryan Danielson and Adam Cole.


Again, this year we’ve strengthened the company and I’m really excited about Andrade El Idolo and Malakai Black making their PPV debut as a team. They are people that were let go and we are very fortunate to have. Last year, Tay Conti got let go, she’s now wrestling for the World Title. She’s one of the most improved, one of the most interesting young wrestlers in the world right now.

Khan was especially showing his gratitude for having the FTR. He referred to them as the greatest tag teams ever, and even said that he thinks they’re the greatest tag team of all time. He said that many people from all over the world have found AEW to be their home.

FTR — are arguably one of the greatest tag teams in the world. I think they are one of the greatest tag teams ever. We were really fortunate to get them last year. Now they’re wrestling on Full Gear for the Tag World Titles. They’ve been World Champions and are top wrestlers here. So many people have come over in the past couple of years that way.

Tony Khan concluded it with saying that with each of the WWE release cuts, AEW emerges stronger. He said that it’ll play a huge role in strengthening AEW in 2022. He also revealed a huge plan for AEW Dynamite to transition from TNT to TBS, which could be huge.

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