Michelle McCool and The Undertaker are a power couple in the pro-wrestling world. While McCool is a managerial mastermind, Mark Callaway has been a career pro-wrestler with an immortal persona. McCool has also championed women’s wrestling, and worked relentlessly to remove any imbalances in the perception of how women’s wrestling is seen.

Callaway maintains the position that his wife is extremely underrated in her contribution to women’s wrestling. A former WWE diva, McCool was always getting into debates regarding the position of WWE divas on her own. Taker revealed to Joey Hayden of The Dallas Morning News that McCool never even asked for his assistance in conveying her concerns upstairs.

You know what, I can get on a rant there. I think she’s probably one of the most under-recognized WWE superstars for what she did while she was there and the ground work she fought for, right, to where the women are now. The women are pretty much on the same level now as the men, they’ve headlined WrestleMania. She was one, when she was active with the WWE, was never satisfied with the role that the women were given. She fought. She went back and forth. And to her credit, never asked me once, never asked me once will you go talk to Vince [McMahon] or will you do this. She always wanted to do it herself.

And I just wish people really understood how much she fought for the women and the opportunities to do the things the women are doing now. … To her credit, she did get — there was a lot of love. Obviously, there wasn’t the big fanfare, but there was a lot of people [in the stadium] that recognized her and were very kind to her. That’s always well appreciated.


After noting down all that McCool has down, The Phenom then said that he wished people recognized just how much McCool has done for women’s wrestling. Taker & McCool were together at the Dallas Cowboys and the Denver Broncos NFL game to honor members of the US Army. Taker said that she received a lot of positive recognition for her efforts for women’s wrestling.

The Undertaker recently said talked about missing out on the opportunity to meet boxing legend Muhammed Ali, which he still regrets. Taker also said that he wished he lost his WrestleMania winning streak to Roman Reigns instead of Brock Lesnar.

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