The Undertaker is one of the most legendary pro-wrestlers to have ever existed. After spending almost a year off the ring being retired, the veteran is immortalized as a household name, with his name being synonymous with the WWE itself. It’s hard to imagine that Taker himself would have his idols, but even he has his heroes.

The Deadman was part of Shan and RJ radio show where he talked about many things. He revealed that being Undertaker for a very long time and working for many years continuously made him oblivious to how big a cultural phenomenon he had become.

It probably happened somewhere in the late 90s. It’s so strange because I was grinding so hard back then and putting in so many dates, I was really oblivious to things back then. I was so caught up in our product and we were on the road back then close to 270 days a year, so I just wanted to know where the hotel was, where my bed was and what time I had to be at the arena. It was a grind but I know by the 2000s I started to get that feeling because people from all kinds of genres of entertainment saw them backstage and they were yelling at me from down the hall.

Taker then revealed that he got to meet many celebrities from all over the world, one of which he said was Shaq meeting him backstage. He added that all the people he met backstage were extremely nice to him. Taker fans make the most wholesome bunch, according to him.


I’m like wait a minute, that’s Shaq, what’s up man what’s going on? I’ve been very very fortunate and actually have gotten to meet a lot of interesting people from different genres and always the nicest people they can be, especially in our arenas and on our turf. It’s fun to see people that are superstars and legends be fans. You forget that people are fans of different things and to actually see that wholesome honest [reaction] of being a fan is pretty cool.

The Undertaker is often not one to get star-struck, but he revealed one instance to Entertainment Weekly when he was awed by seeing Muhammed Ali near him. Taker said that he regrets not meeting one of the greatest boxers of all time, and explained why he couldn’t go see him.

I really don’t ever approach people unless it just happens by chance. I had a chance to meet, and I regret not taking it, Muhammad Ali years ago. He was within feet of me but he was in this closed area and I had that moment like should I or shouldn’t I, I was like he’s not here for that so I passed on it. I don’t really usually get too star-struck but [stars] think the same way I do. If they’re outside of the realm of what their profession is you kind of just okay, they’re working, let me leave them alone, everybody’s coming at them, I’ll take a pass. That’s one I kind of regret.

Taker has had countless days inside the ring, which has made him require surgeries even year into retirement. The Phenom recently said that he wished Roman Reigns was the one who had broken his infamous WrestleMania streak. He also explained how he won’t be able to deliver on the expectations of wrestling in another match.

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