Rob Van Dam was one of the few crossover superstars to come out of the WCW/ECW invasion angle after WWE purchased both defunct promotions. Fans loved his laid back, cool style and easy-going charisma. His acrobatic move set and incredible bumping made him a beloved member of the company’ roster.

Reelz is airing a documentary on Van Dam this Saturday. Dave Meltzer talked about it on Wrestling Observer Radio, noting that the premise was supposed to be a documentary about RVD’s stand-up comedy. Instead, it turned into a story of head trauma and memory loss due to the demands of professional wrestling.

Meltzer noted that he was told by those in Impact Wrestling that RVD was having trouble remembering spots in his matches. His brain has simply taken a ton of damage in his career while giving his body to the fans for their entertainment.

“They were going to do a documentary about Rob Van Dam starting his career as a stand-up comedy guy. While doing the documentary they basically found out that Rob Van Dam’s memory is shot.


I had heard when he was working in Impact, that’s what I had heard. It’s like ‘the guy can’t remember his spots.’ It became a documentary about Rob Van Dam getting into stand-up comedy to a documentary about Rob Van Dam and his loss of memory from all the concussions from his wrestling career.”

It’s sad news, but likely a story that needs to be told. Van Dam spent the better part of his early career in ECW, where unprotected chair shots to the head and violent, high-risk spots were the norm. The blows continued until Vince McMahon finally begged RVD to stop. We all know the horror stories about what happens when wrestling and head trauma inevitably mix. Now, RVD will share his experiences.

The documentary, “Rob Van Dam: Headstrong” airs Saturday night at 8PM on Reelz. It will then replay on the channel at 11PM. Our best wishes go out to RVD as we learn more about his struggles. At least it seems that he is living life to the fullest.

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