It’s Wednesday and you know what that means. AEW Dynamite will go down tonight and Ringside News has got you covered with live play-by-play results coverage.

Start time for AEW Dynamite is at 8:00 PM EST. Match-by-match highlights and results from the show will take place on this very page. Feel free to leave any reactions in the comment section below. The card for tonight is as follows:

  • Contract Signing For Full Gear’s AEW World Heavyweight Championship Match between Kenny Omega & Hangman Page
  • Bryan Danielson vs. Rocky Romero (w/Orange Cassidy)
  • PAC vs. Dax Harwood
  • Trios Match: Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D., Jamie Hayter & Rebel vs. Tay Conti, Anna Jay & Thunder Rosa
  • Matt Sydal & Lee Moriarty vs. Dante Martin & Lio Rush

JR welcomes us to the show as Bryan Danielson makes his entrance. Rocky Romero makes his Dynamite debut accompanied by the Best Friends. The Best Friends are the newest members of NJPW’s Chaos faction.

Bryan Danielson vs. Rocky Romero


Handshake to start. Lock up, Danielson controls the wrist, Romero reverses, Danielson hits a shoulder block. Danielson with elbows to the knee, Romero attempts an armbar but Danielson quickly gets to the ropes. Danielson with a takedown, Romero gets tot he corner, back elbows, Romero throws Danielson to the outside.

Orange Cassidy goes face to face with Danielson, Oranges puts his hands in his pockets, Romero hits a suicide dive on a distracted Danielson. Romero with a knee to the arm, chops in the corner. Danielson hits chops of his own, then kicks in the corner. Danielson with a surfboard submission, the Romero Special. Danielson knees to the back, then knees to the gut, Romero hits a tornado DDT. Matt Hardy is in the crowd, gives a thumbs up to Orange Cassidy. Strikes back and forth in the ropes, Romero gets the upper hand, Romero with a missile dropkick sending Danielson out of the ring.

Romero with a hurricanrana off the steps on the outside, back in the ring he hits a sliced bread, cover, 2 count. Romero with clothesline in the corner, Danielson powers out with a rolling elbow strike, German suplex into a cover, 2 count. Danielson with chops and kick in the corner. Romero reverse a superplex into a crossbody, Romero scarily lands right on Danielson’s head, cover, 2 count. Danielson hits a powerbomb, Strikes back and forth, Romero into a cross armbreaker, Danielson reverse into a calf slicer, Romero reverses back into an armbar, Danielson into an ankle lock, Romero into a cross armbreaker, Danielson with a rollup, 2 count.

Romero with a big kick to the face, Romero with a running knee, Danielson blocks a sliced bread, stomps to the face, transitions into a half crab, Romero taps out!

WINNER: Bryan Danielson!

Commentary runs down tonight’s card. Up next, Tony Schiavone speaks to the Inner Circle.

Commercial Break.

Tony Schiavone is in the ring, he introduced the Inner Circle. American Top Team attack the Inner Circle on the ramp! American Top Team completely wipes them out and Dan Lambert laughs over their bodies. “You Suck” chants, Dos Santos with a huge right hand to Sammy’s midsection. Santana thrown into the steel steps. Dos Santos with a kendo stick shot to Ortiz. Trash can shots to Jericho, then kendo sticks. In the ring, Page and Sky give Jericho to Lambert on the top rope, they set up a table, Lambert powerbombs Jericho through the table off the top rope! Sky gets a mic and gloats, mimicking JR. Page says they will make sure Lambert pins Jericho at Full Gear. Tonight they will make Lambert tap out Jericho. Lambert puts in the Walls of Jericho on Jericho. Lambert says its called a Boston Crab while they forcefully make Jericho tap out.

Commercial Break.

Britt Baker makes her entrance with Rebel and Jaime Hayter. Tay-Jay have their own entrance together, while Thunder Rosa is out last.

Trios Match: Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D., Jamie Hayter & Rebel vs. Tay Conti, Anna Jay & Thunder Rosa

Huge brawl to start off, Baker quickly escapes the ring, as does her team. Rosa and Baker start the match officially. Evenly matched, Rebel tags in, with a flurry of strikes, Rosa with a dropkick, into a facebuster. Rosa with chops in the corner, Jay tags in, Rosa with an uppercut, Jay with a leg lariat, then a suplex. Hayter grabs Jay’s hair and pulls her out of the ring, Baker and Rebel beat her down on the outside.

Picture in Picture.

Jay with a suplex to Baker, Jay tags in Conti, and Hayter tags in. Conti runs wild taking out all 3 member of Bakers team. Conti hits the TayKo, cover, 2 count as Baker breaks the count. Baker with a rolling elbow strike, Rebel with a backbreaker, Hayter cover, 2 count as Rosa breaks the count. Rosa with an elbow strike. Baker hits a superkick on Jay. All women down, Rosa hits a crossbody off the tope rope to the outside on Hayter. Conti hits a DDTay on Rebel, cover, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: Tay Conti, Anna Jay & Thunder Rosa

Video package for Kris Statlander vs. Ruby Soho.

Commercial Break.

Jungle Boy makes his entrance. The Acclaimed are out next. Caster raps insulting Jungle Boy.

Jungle Boy vs. Anthony Bowens

Lock up to start, Bowens powers Jungle Boy to the corner. Bowens with a back elbow, front slam, Jungle Boy with strikes in the corner. Jungle Boy with a kick to the hamstring, boots in the corner, Bowens with a knee to the midsection. Bowens hits chops in the corner, Jungle Boy with an great armdrag into a dropkick. Jungle Boy with chops in the corner, knees to Bowens, more chops, Bowens grabs a handful of hair and hits a headbutt. Caster grabs Jungle Boy’s boot, Bowens hits a boot to a distracted Jungle Boy.

Picture in Picture.

Jungle Boy with an elbow strike, chops, forearms, basement dropkick, into a big lariat. Bowens with combination strikes, into a side slam, cover, 2 count. Jungle Boy goes for the Snaretrap but Caster distracts, Jungle Boy hits a Tope Suicida on Caster, Bowen with a boots as Jungle Boy gets back in the ring, hits a spinning DDT, cover, Jungle Boy just kicks out! Jungle Boy counters a uranagi, and locks in the Snaretrap! Bowens reaches for the ropes but finally taps out!

WINNER: Jungle Boy!

Bobby Fish runs down and attacks Jungle Boy! Fish with a big back elbow, knees to the gut and exploder suplex in the ropes. Christian Cage and Luchasaurus run down and Fish flees.

Video package for Hangman Page vs. Kenny Omega.

The Bucks and Adam Cole are backstage. Cole says he’s known Page for a long time, Cole introduces Bobby Fish to the Bucks. Matt Jackson says its the “era” of the Elite, that is not for “dispute.” Cole asks Fish take care of Jungle Boy but to leave a little bit for them after Full Gear.

Recap of CM Punk and Eddie Kingston from Rampage.

The Best Friends accompany Wheeler Yuta for our next match. Wardlow is out by himself, no MJF, no Pinnacle.

Wheeler Yuta vs. Wardlow

Yuta with a big dropkick, Wardlow doesn’t go down, Yuta with more dropkick, Wardlow pushes him off, Wardlow hits a big uranagi. Wardlow hits a powerbomb, another powerbomb, “One More Time” chants, Wardlow hits another powerbomb, then another. Wardlow hits a rising knee strike in the corner, cover, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: Wardlow!

Best Friends check on Yuta in the ring as Wardlow leaves. The HFO attack the Best Friends. Blade and Private Party takes out Yuta, Matt Hardy brings in a chair. Hardy hits Cassidy with a chair, puts it around Cassidy’s neck and hits a Twist of Fate!

Commercial Break.

During the break, Eddie Kingston and CM Punk had been brawling in the parking lot, chaos ensues as everybody tries to break them up.

Lio Rush and Dante Martin make their entrance for our next match. Matt Sydal and Lee Moriarty are out next.

Matt Sydal & Lee Moriarty vs. Dante Martin & Lio Rush

Martin and Moriarty start, lock up, Martin with a headlock, wristlock, Moriarty reverses, Martin springs off the ropes to escape, Moriarty sweeps the leg, Martin escapes into a roll up, 2 count. Martin picks the ankle, into a roll up, 2 count. Moriarty gets a cover, 2 count. Both men are evenly matched.

Lio Rush tags in, Matt Sydal tags in. Rush wants Moriarty, Sydal gets in his face, Rush slaps in, quick kicks from both men, Sydal gets the upper hand, super fast strikes from both men, Rush hits a hurricanrana. All 4 men enter the ring and the match breaks down into a huge brawl.

Picture in Picture.

Martin with a sun set flip cover, 2 count. Martin hits a missile dropkick, knocking Sydal to the mat. Rush and Moriarty tag in, Moriarty with a clothesline, traps the arm, spinning uppercut, Rush with combination strikes, Moriarty with a facebuster, cover, 2 count. Rush with a back elbow, roll up on Sydal, into a low kick, enziguri to Moriarty, suicide dive onto both men on the outside, the intercept, Lio with a handspring elbow to both men. Suicide dive to Sydal, then a suicide dive to Moriarty. Rush hits a spinning unprettier! Martin tags in, Sydal hurricanrana to Rush, Moriarty with a throw off the top rope, Moriarty hits an uppercut, cover, 2 count.

Rush with an enziguri to Sydal, hook kick to Moriarty, Martin with a moonsault press to Moriarty, cover, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: Dante Martin & Lio Rush!

Video package for Miro vs. Bryan Danielson.

Commercial Break.

Dax Harwood makes his entrance accompanied by Tully Blanchard. Pac is out next.

PAC vs. Dax Harwood

Lock up to start, they break in the corner. Stalemate. Another lock up, Harwood wrenches the arm, Pac escapes shoulder tackle, another shoulder tackle, Harwood hits a hip toss, Pac with a body slam, leg scissor, armdrag. Stalemate again. “This is Wrestling” chants.

Harwood with a big clothesline, Pac with a heel kick, forearm, chops in the corner. Harwood turns the table and hits chops of his own, Pac reverses that into chops, forearms back and forth. Harwood with a right hand, Pac hits a German and clotheslines Harwood out of the ring. Pac with a twisting senton out of the ring.

Picture in Picture.

Forearms back and forth on the top turnbuckle, Pac with a high kick, Pac hits a brainbuster from the top rope! Pac covers, 2 count. Pac with a boot in the corner, missile dropkick to Harwood’s back. Harwood rolls out of the way of Pac on the top rope. Pac hits a running uppercut, pumpkick in the corner, Harwood hits a brainbuster, cover, 2 count. Harwood is frustrated Pac kicked out.

Pac hits a high boot, climbs to the top, Harwood knocks him off the top. Harwood hits a top rope backdrop! Pac hits a German, Harwood with a big lariat, rebound powerbomb, cover, 2 count. “AEW” chants. Dax with an uppercut, another uppercut, Pac with a backslide, 2 count. Pac transitions into the Rings of Saturn, Harwood immediately taps out!


Cash Wheeler attacks Pac after the bell. The lights cut out… Malakai Black and Andrade El Idolo are in the ring, they all attack Pac. Lucha Bros and Cody Rhodes runs down to even the odds, Cody is late to the ring, huge boos for Cody. A big brawl sends Black, Andrade and FTR out of the ring.

Commentary runs down the Rampage and Full Gear cards. Video package for MJF vs. Darby Allin. The contract signing is up next. Dark Order and the Elite have been forced to leave the building.

Tony Schiavone is in the ring with the contract. Tony first introduces Hangman Page. Huge reaction for Page’s entrance. Tony then introduced the AEW World Champion, Kenny Omega. Omega makes his entrance wearing a suit.

Both men sit at opposite ends of the table. “Cowboy Shit” chants. Page signs the contract first. Page gets the mic, he says after all this time there isn’t much left to say, the sooner he signs this the sooner he gets to beat Omega’s ass. Paae signs the contract.

Before he signs the contract, Omega gets the mic and says he wishes he could share the excitement of these fans but he is upset. They used to be family, if it wasn’t for Page’s insecurities and failures all of this would be his. Omega says he saw a little bit of himself in Page, how wrong he was, what a disappointment. Page says Omega also had a tag partner he never measured up to. Though maybe he has surpassed him, the biggest lie Omega ever said was “good job Hangman, I’m proud of you.” Omega was afraid of him. This Saturday he will beat Omega to become World Heavyweight Champion. Omega says he cares about Page, and he wants to shake Page’s hand.

Omega offers a handshake, Page shakes it, Omega says hes proud of Page and walks away. A cameraman attacks Page with the big camera. The cameramen reveals himself to be Don Callis! Callis says he has been hiding, does this look like somebody who is ready to be world champion? Omega signs the contract in Page’s blood!

Dynamite ends with Omega and Callis standing over Page’s bloody body.

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