Drew McIntyre has gone from a comedy boy band gimmick wrestler to one of the top stars in WWE. He’s done it all in the company, including defeating Brock Lesnar for the WWE title in the main event of WrestleMania 36. He’s not afraid to voice his preferences to the public, either. He recently said he wants a country version of his theme song for SummerSlam 2022, which takes place in his new hometown of Nashville, TN.

McIntyre’s career is truly reaching its apex. He’s a big enough star now that his opinion matters. When Drew McIntyre talks, fans and WWE alike listen. Recently, McIntyre shared a couple of those opinions on the Battleground podcast. He said he’s all for WrestleMania being two nights.

“I’m a fan of the two nights. I wasn’t sure if we were going to go back to one night. The two nights are kind of based on the times we’re in. We did it over two nights as a way to escape during the pandemic, during the Covid situation. I did say during the interviews during that time, if you look back on them that I really hope it sticks. I love WrestleMania. Everyone loves WrestleMania and the spectacle of it, but it’s so huge that sometimes I think it was 7 hours. As much as you love WWE, and the spectacle of WrestleMania, 5 hours sitting there and then 2 hours extra, and if you’re a Superstar wrestling 6 ½ hours in, and fans are trying to scream but nothing is coming out because they’ve lost their voice, it can get a little quiet even with 80,000 people there.

I love the idea of a whole weekend of WrestleMania, like two good length shows, two good 4-hour shows. The fans are there. They are loud from start to finish, but not only that, but once the event is over, they are like, ‘Wow, that was amazing. I can go again tomorrow and experience that again?’  I’m all about a weekend for WrestleMania.”

Drew also said that he enjoys Saturday PPVs instead of the traditional Sunday night shows. He knows what it’s like to have to stay up late on a school night to catch the events. The time zone difference as a kid would make him sluggish on Monday mornings.

“Saturday night just makes so much more sense. Sunday historically, WWE, that’s when the PPV has always been on. Being someone from overseas, I used to have to stay awake until 1 or 2 o’clock on school nights. I guess I didn’t have to if I recorded it. I used to watch those events and show up to school so tired. I always wondered why can’t they do these on Saturdays. That’s not my department. I can’t say to them, ‘We should be doing it on this day.’ I’m so glad we tried.

The recent SummerSlam on a Saturday was wildly successful. Now it seems like going forward we’re going to be doing a lot more Saturdays and a lot more stadium shows than ever in 2022. I’m very happy about it, and I know our fans are so ecstatic about it. They can stay awake, sleep in on Sunday, or stay awake if they want to watch the show. In America, they can go out, have a night out afterwards and talk about the thing they love. They can talk about all the awesome matches and not have to worry about the next day. They can actually sleep in.  If you’re overseas, you can stay awake late and maybe sleep in the next day. It just works out for everybody.”

Drew McIntyre was selected in the second round by SmackDown in the latest WWE draft. He defeated Riccochet last Friday during his most recent open challenge segment. He is a two-time WWE champion.

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